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[JJANG! MUSIC] New Ear Candies: Lee Woo’s “PIN GURURU” to O’domar’s “Red-light District”

In this lovely weekend, Korean Updates happily introduces our new feature Jjang! Music where we recommend music to listen. We used to have similar column in our past online magazine, which sadly has to be stopped due to us being busy with our other jobs, so we hope we can keep up with this every weekend for you to widen your music playlist range.

For our first edition, we have some less-known incredible pieces, which we’d love to let you know. Check out our recommendations and where to find them below!


LeeWoo Cover

Previously known as Lee Geon from MADTOWN, new singer/songwriter, Lee Woo gets the honor to be the first singer for new JTBC drama “Flower Crew” OST.

With the happy and fun-filled track, Lee Woo’s voice successfully fits the romantic-comedy period drama.

Listen at Spotify, Apple Music, or JOOX here.

Sonnet Son – I’m Not a Warrior

Sonnet Son Cover

One of the current-trend divas in Korean music industry, Son Seung Yeon, has just released new English single “I’m Not a Warrior” last September 19.

The soloist, who made her name known through shows such as “Immortal Songs” and “Kind of Masked Singer”, is also known with her English name, Sonnet Son.

Listen to her new song here.

Dope’Doug – Run to U

DopeDoug Cover

One year after his last album “STARCHILD, rapper Dope’Doug finally makes his return with new track, “Run to U”.

Fits perfectly with your chilling time, you can listen to the new song produced by HXRXKILLER here.

Special mentions (click the song title to listen):

saevom – How Do You Say Goodbye (feat. Mugamgak)
O’domar – Red-light District (feat. Onthedal)
Jeong Dong Won – All My Days

Written by: Rizka Annisa

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