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A Step Closer to Super KPOP Festival Indonesia: The ReVe Festival

A total of 2,000 ticket holders and lucky winners of “Super K-Pop Festival Indonesia 2019” filled Dian Ballroom, Raffles Hotel Jakarta. 

Coral pastels light from fans’ lightstick and enthusiastic screams welcomed the arrival of Red Velvet on stage. Zimzalabim appeared as the opening of “The ReVe Festival” Day 2 Red Velvet Fan Event. The title track of “The ReVe Festival” Day 1, which has a electro-pop genre and powerful dance, successfully opened the event fantastically. The shouts and fanchant from ReVeluvs that echoed also accompanied the entire song making the opening atmosphere more lively. 

Through this event, 100 lucky fans had the opportunity to fan signing with Wendy, Yeri, Irene, Joy, Seulgi. Lucky fans are very enthusiastic about interacting, shaking hands and hi5 with Red Velvet. While other fans were enthusiastic and watched fansign moments on the screen.

Coinciding with the birthday of one of the members, Joy, Indonesian Reveluvs gave a surprise by giving a birthday cake. In making a wish, Joy said this was a special and amazing moment for her, could celebrate her birthday with ReVeluvs in Indonesia.

It seems that Indonesian ReVeluvs have a special position in Red Velvet’s heart because that night Joy gave a special name for Indonesian ReVeluvs. “I want to give a special name to Indonesian ReVeluvs, ‘Lovely’. Because I get energy from all of you. I’m also always moved to see the eyes of you all “, revealed Joy. 

Closing the event, Red Velvet performed “Umpah Umpah”, the title track of “The ReVe Festival” Day 2, for the first time in Indonesia which was greeted with an enthusiastic sing-along and loud fan chants loudly by fans.

Furthermore, Red Velvet will return to Indonesia for  “Super K-Pop Festival Indonesia 2019” on 28 & 29 September 2019. Wendy said that even for today’s fan event they only sang 2 songs, but they have prepared more for their performances later. So make sure to buy the tickets, so you won’t regret it!

KoreanUpdates would like to thank Cana Global Media, Three Angles Pro and Tokopedia for inviting us. We are looking forward to the K-Pop concert event which is filled with multi-talented k-pop artists, “Super K-Pop Festival Indonesia 2019”. 


Written by Mutia D


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