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A Journey to Get ‘Around the Nature’ with EXO in Jakarta

An event that has been anticipated since last year, with EXO as Nature Republic brand ambassador, finally happened on last May 26 in Jakarta.

EXO’s visit to Indonesia this time was represented by Suho, Chen and Kai, as known as The Kim Bros, for a special mission to introduce the launching of the ‘Around the Nature’ series of Nature Republic in Indonesia. “We are here to support the launch of the first skin care product ‘Around the Nature’ series, which is exclusive for Indonesia”, said EXO’s leader, Suho, to media in the press conference which was held at The Westin Hotel, Jakarta. Chen added that the product are made from five fermented ingredients from Korean lotus extract to brighten the skin. ‘Around the Nature’ is currently only available in Indonesia which made Kai ask everyone to not lose the opportunity to try it.

So, let’s find out more about this latest Nature Republic product!



Nature Republic has known as a leading Korean natural cosmetic brand which delivers the ultimate beauty energy from real clean nature, and is recognized for introducing pure botanical ingredients since its launch in March 2009. Beside operating domestically, Nature Republic takes pride in its business development strategies expanding its reach into global markets, including Indonesia.

Staying true to their slogan, ‘Journey to Nature’, Nature Republic has developed nature-friendly yet innovative methods to present ‘Around The Nature’ product and selected Indonesia as their first launching country.

President Director of Nature Republic Indonesia, Franseda Natalio said, “Before entering Indonesia, Nature Republic had already made a product concept that is suitable for Indonesians. So, ‘Around the Nature’ has been developed for about 2 years”.

‘Around the Nature’ series is consisted of treatment essence, blooming cream, and tone up cream and it is special with its naturally derived five different types of brightening complex compounds and Korean lotus extract. The exclusive compound “Brightening complex 5” and lotus extract help skin to recover its inner glow and add brightness, vitality, and even moisturize our skin.


rev SUHO 2

  1. What is your impression of the latest product and which product is the most favorite?

Suho: First of all, I want to congratulate Nature Republic for the launching of new product ‘Around the Nature’ series in Indonesia. I heard that Nature Republic team has prepared this product for about 2 years so it would be suitable for Indonesian’s skin type and local weather. 2 years is a long time. The point is I am very happy to be able to launch this latest product in Indonesia with all of you.

  1. This product is fairly new, has EXO ever used this product or not? If you have used, how do you respond to this product?

Chen: Before the launch of ‘Around The Nature’, I already used the product. So, I’ve used it first. After using, it immediately absorbs and didn’t feel sticky, I think this is perfect for Indonesian’s weather. Please try the product so you will be able to feel what I am saying.

Suho: This is a very good skin care product. I strongly recommend using the series to feel the benefits.

  1. In Nature Republic CF with EXO, they show products such as Aloe Shooting Gel, Ice Shooting Gel, and Aloe Fresh Powdery Sun Stick. Which of these products is your favorite and what is the reason?

Chen: Recently we have advertised Fresh Powdery Sun Sticks. It was really fun and exciting as there was a UV filter which allowed us to see parts of our body that has been protected by UV and has not. As we shot the CF in a pool, it also made us (EXO) felt like we were in summer holiday.

rev kai 1

  1. As celebrities, you often dye your hair and it can be damaged. Can you share tips for hair care?

Kai: Because of my job, I often dye my hair. So of course the hair becomes easily damaged. Therefore, after shampoo I always use a hair mask. I always use Nature Republic products that contain Argan oil and it works well. Whenever you feel that your hair is dry because you dye your hair, you can use the product that I recommend.

  1. You have just come back to Indonesia after a long time from the last visit here. What is your favorite Indonesian food?

Suho: Can anyone recommend Indonesian food?

Chen: I like nasi goreng.

  1. EXO often hold concerts abroad. Then how do you manage your time so you can stay healthy?

Chen: Usually EXO members will do their own exercise or hobbies when they are free, but I usually go to watch movies or listen to music.

  1. Apart from being busy as an artist, what plans do each individual EXO member have?

Kai: If I were talking about close future plans, then it will be variety shows. The rest are still confidential, so I can’t tell yet.

  1. You travel a lot. How do you treat your skin to stay good and healthy?

Suho: I usually use a face mask, but lately I have found a new way to moistened toner’s effect with cotton, instead of a mask.

  1. As a Nature Republic brand ambassador, who among you most often use Nature Republic skin care?

Chen: All EXO members like to use Nature Republic, but Baekhyun might be the one who use it most often. Unfortunately, he isn’t here today.

rev chen 3

  1. What Nature Republic product do you recommend to your fans, EXO-L?

Suho: I recommend Aloe Vera Shooting Gel. Because Indonesian weather is rather hot. By using this gel, it can soothe the skin.

  1. According to EXO, what skincare is the best and most suitable in hot weather in Indonesia?

Kai: I really recommend this sun stick (Aloe Fresh Powdery Sun Stick), because it’s very practical to carry everywhere. When used, it is not sticky on the skin, so I really recommend it.


A fan signing event with EXO was immediately held after the press conference at special stage in Kota Kasablanka Mall. The event was successfully ended with over more 60.000 fans.


After visiting Indonesia, EXO saw high enthusiasm from Indonesian fans. “For a moment, when I arrived in Indonesia again, it felt like fans were getting more and more”, said Suho. Kai also has revealed, every time he did activities on social media, it turns out there are lots of fans from Indonesia. It makes him really want to come to Indonesia. In addition, Suho also asked fans to wait and anticipate for their new album and concert.

We thank EXO for returning to Indonesia after a long time and introducing the latest product as Nature Republic ambassador. We will wait for your next album and concert. We also thank Nature Republic for inviting us to the event. See you all again soon!

Reported by: Mutia Drajat

Photos cr: Nature Republic Indonesia, KoreanUpdates

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  1. Happy to see that Kai, Suho and Chen are busy with promtions as other members enlist in the miltary.


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