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A Beautiful Night with Crush on LaLaLa Festival 2019

It’s been almost 5 years since Crush’s debut with Sometimes in 2014 and finally Crush’s Indonesian fans had the opportunity to see the firsthand performance of who won number one place on the Gaon Single Chart with Just (feat. Zion.T). LaLaLa Festival, which was held on 24th of February, 2019, in Lembang, is the first ever music event in Indonesia for Crush. Crush managed to hypnotize and enliven the biggest Indonesian forest music festival by presenting 15 songs along with Wonderlust band.


“Selamat malam!!! (Good evening!) Crush opened his performance by performing New Day with upbeat music and asked the audiences to put their hands up, followed by A Little Bit. “Selamat malam, halo semua, nama saya Crush (Good evening, everyone. I am Crush)”, said Crush before the audience screamed hysterically as Cereal began to play. The atmosphere got warmer when Woo Ah’s intro was played and people muttered the lyrics together. “Apa kabar?? (How are you doing?)”, Crush started his greetings and the audience grew hysteric when Crush said “This song is dedicated to all of you Beautiful people, saranghaeyo, I love you!!!”. Even though it was rainy and cold night, the atmosphere was very intimate in the middle of the forest, as all the audience sang along the super famous Goblin OST. “Bandung! Are you having fun tonight? Apakah kalian menikmati malam ini??” the romantic atmosphere was maintained with the song Sometimes and Nostalgia.

Not only giving a one-way interaction, Crush asked audiences to take turns singing part of ‘Don’t wanna fall in love’ and ‘I wanna fall in love’ in Fall. The 1992-born artist continued with his latest full English single, Lay Your Head on Me. The atmosphere was getting hotter with None and Skip, where the spectators were invited to jump and shout together, and then continued with Oasis and Hug Me. The energetic-beautiful-intimate show closed with Outside, and Crush promised to be back soon, “Thank you Bandung! Selamat malam! Aku cinta kamu! (Good night! I love you!)”.


Lastly, we would like to say our gratitude towards The Group, as the event organizer for LaLaLa Festival, for this opportunity. All the artist line-ups were amazing and gave their best to the audiences. However, as it is a forest music festivals that strongly correlated with the green movement, it was a regret that most attenders found it very hard to trash can or bags. The audiences ended up threw their garbage anywhere, which ended up littering the natural venue. It was easy to see used raincoat, plastics bottle, cardboard food, and tissues after the event as people left it there on the way back. Just like the theme of the festival, we sincerely hope that this will be something to learn for the next one. Overall, the performances were amazing and we can’t wait to see who will be there next year. See you in 2010, LaLaLa Festival!

Reported by: Hanisa Pratiwi

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