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iKON “2018 Continue Tour in Jakarta”: The Hottest Party-Like Concert

iKON, a Korean boy band which became a guest star at Closing Ceremony Asian Games 2018 visited Indonesia again. Their arrival this time is for a concert titled iKON 2018 Continue Tour in Jakarta. The concert which was held on November 18, 2018 at Tennis Indoor Senayan, was very much awaited by fans after iKONCERT 2016.

As the concert began, iKONICS (the name for iKON’s fan) sang together as long as iKON MV was played on the screen. They are very enthusiastic, this is evidenced by the festival section until the seat section filled with fans. At 6.30 pm the concert began, fans were increasingly enthusiastic and red ocean began to fill the hall. Bling Bling as the opening song of the concert, immediately burned the stage. The atmosphere is more festive when “Sinosijak” and Rhythm Ta appear. Beat from the song makes the concert atmosphere even hotter. After showing 3 songs, they asked all fans to enjoy the concert safely. So they asked specifically for the festival section to step down because safety is first. After making sure everything is safe, each member begins to introduce themselves.

Enjoy The Concert of The Multi-talented Idol


The appearance of the stage turned into a beach party atmosphere with beach umbrellas decoration when singing “Cocktail”, followed by the stage of “Only You”. B.I and Bobby remained on stage, while the other members prepare for the next performance. The double B did a singing battle, with Team A led by B.I and team B led by Bobby. Initially, B.I said he would sing “Love Scenario” with team A. But Bobby complained because he knew everyone would have memorized the song, then B.I changed to “Killing Me”. While Bobby with Team B sang “My Type”. Both teams sang very enthusiastically. But finally Bobby claimed defeat as B.I team won this singing battle.

Vocal line, Jay, Song, June, DK and Chan appeared and sang Perfect. Fans are swept away by the beautiful harmonization that made goosebumps. The different types of vocal from each member make this song even more melodious. The lights are off, showing Bobby’s solo singing “Tendae”. After being spoiled with soothing harmonization, the intro of “One and Only” with red light adorns the stage. B.I appeared by sitting in a chair in the main stage. He burned back the stage with his solo appearance. The beat continued with the appearance of “Anthem” and “Bday”, making the concert even more heated.

iKON was Having Fun at Concert


The fun doesn’t just stop there, Jay and Bobby battle to show a sexy face. Instead of showing a sexy face, Bobby actually made fans laugh. Crowd increasingly become hyped, when the members were asked to do aegyo. The first was Song, he asked fans to be quiet for a moment then said, “Sayang .. Aku cinta kamu” and ending it with a sign of love made the fans increasingly hysterical. The next turn is the maknae, Chan. He started with a model style and said, “Selamat Malam” in sexy gesture, made all the hearts of fans melt. The leader, B.I said, “kuy kuy (Indonesian slang, means ‘let’s go'” in cute way. And the last, June said, “Kami kangen kalian”. He ended it with a beautiful smile.

One of the awaited performances is bestfriend couple on “Bestfriend” song. The bestfriend couple consisted of: Jay-Song, Bobby-Chan and B.I-June, while this time DK was using onesie. Fans can see the closeness between members in this song as iKON was having fun while performing.

A Powerful Concert with a Beautiful Fan Project


The mega hit song is coming. “Love Scenario”, a song that topped various music charts, shows and loved by all generations and also attracted a lot of public attention, especially in Indonesia after iKON’s appearance in Asian Games 2018 Closing Ceremony. Fans sang along passionately during the song, making the concert even more powerful.

The performance continued with “Good Bye Road”.  Although iKON is a group who often carries songs with the hip hop genre, their vocal ability to sing ballad songs cannot be doubted. To show Indonesian iKONIC’s love to iKON, a fan project was held. All sections turned off the Konbat in Chan’s bridge section. Then Konbat turn on again with a red and white light formation that looks like an Indonesian flag. As before, iKONICS also sing along and show how much they love to the song.

“Killing Me” performance could be interpreted as killing the stage. The killing part is fanchant during the song, made the concert even more heated. Another fan project, singing “Airplane” for encore. This project was successfully held when Jay joined in singing. This reminded us of iKONCERT 2016 project, when Jay also sang on the airplane fan project. Then iKON appeared with “Just For You”, that make the atmosphere changed to emotion. Throughout the song, fans raised a hand banner “우리 오래 가자! (let’s stay together for a long time). Bobby noticed and read the banner. After that, they take picture together with all iKONICS.

This is a Party!


Entering the second encore, iKON carried 4 songs: “Love Scenario”, “Don’t Let Me Know”, “Dumb and Dumber”, and “Bday”. During encore, iKON asked iKONICS to not to focus on recording (their performances), but raise up the Konbat, sing along and jump during the performance. Especially B.I which make sure that all iKONICS rise up their Konbat and enjoy the concert well. The concert even gets hotter when iKONICS jumps up, lifts the Konbat excitedly, sing together and do a fanchant loudly. Following iKON’s instructions is the best decision because fans really enjoy concerts like parties. During the encore, iKON interact more with fans and give them the best fan service.

See you soon, iKON

In every meeting there’s must be separation. These are the right words to describe when iKON completed 2018 iKON Continue Tour in Jakarta. They thank all the fans and bid us farewell with last bows and waves. This is the hottest party-like concert! Hopefully iKON can visit Indonesia again next year, and big thanks to Mecima Pro for enabling us to witness yet another great show!

Reported by: Mutia Drajat
Photos cr: YG Entertainment

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