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GOT7 who Energized by Ahgases on 2018 World Tour “Eyes On You in Jakarta”

JB, Mark, Jackson, Jinyoung, Youngjae, BamBam, and Yugyeom, together in GOT7 burned the ICE Jakarta for Eyes On You World Tour, last night. Since the very beginning, lots of fireworks, a very lit lighting laser, super swag members walk like a James Bond for the opening VR, heat up Ahgase’s energy to watch their favorite boys in the next 2.5 hours. Opening climax when they bring Hard Carry (remix) for the 1st song, wearing black suits.

Whatsup Jakarta?!?!?!?! Make!!! Some!!! Noiseeee!!!!” Mark said to greet the fans. Then each members greet in Indonesia by ‘Halo saya …”. “It’s been 1.5 years since we came here. Do you guys waiting for us? It looks like when we’re not here, you have already learn Korean language, right? It’s not even translated, but you already answer it” said the leader, JB. It was so hot inside, so that the members take off their suit, left only with white shirts and performed Hey!.

During group chat in the stage, Yugyeom and Mark re-do the walking pose, like in the VR opening. Ahgase asked for more and BamBam featuring Jackson walked the same pose, but they walked too far away from the stage and other members scold them jokingly. The concert continued with Look.

got7 eyes on you-010835_preview

Between the songs, there’s a music drama VR played as a break in the screen. Jackson said that it was Jinyoung’s idea to create an animated story between GOT7 and Ahgase for the world tour, and Jinyoung said to Ahgase ‘I know you will like it’. Then fan project IGOT7 Musical Fireworks was succesfully held for Firework.

After 15 songs played, BamBam said to Ahgase that he has a bad news: “We have to say good-bye, this is the last part” which replied by Ahgases screaming against it loudly. GOT7 unit performed after playing Never Ever. BamBam x Jinyoung (King) went first with a very splendid stage, with two super big and high king’s seats, back dancers bringing black flags and of course fireball. After that Mark x Youngjae x JB appeared in three big glowing boxes and sing Think About It.

got7 eyes on you-010605_preview

Then the maknae, Yugyeom started solo dance right in front of the stage, smooth… and…sexy. Jackson wanted more with a solo stage Hunger. Like a legendary Phoenix, Jackson x Yugyeom show a legendary stage last night, where Ahgase went wild and crazy because Jackson suddenly went topless, throw away his t-shirt to the crowds (congrats to Ahgase who got the shirt!). All members went out to the stage and sing Look (new) while Ahgase doing their second project: IGOT7 Ocean and filled the venue with a green ocean. JB asked Ahgase to sing it and said ‘Whoa! You sing better than us!”.

got7 eyes on you-022730_preview

Then each member said their closing speech (plus messages in Bahasa):

JB : Thank you so much for enjoying the night with us. We feel hot and warm by your greetings, eventhough it’s been one year since we’ve met. In the future, we will create a better music. We promise to be together in the next time. Please don’t forget us “Terima kasih sudah datang bertemu kami”.

BamBam : In English or In Korea?? (fans: English~). Thank you everybody for coming today. It’s been years since we came here. I wanna say we really miss you much. Today I feel we really made a good memories. The best part of this concert, is you guys. We’ll come back for sure. I want you to promise to, wait for GOT7? Only GOT7? No another man? “Jangan naksir cowok lain ya, oke?” Promise? Love you, thank you

Jackson : Thank you so much for coming today. It’s really hot today. Thank you for lining outside hours hours hours before the show. How you like the show? We promise to back again, maybe soon, maybe in a bigger venue. We’re actually preparing for next album. We hope we come to you guys with a better music, better album. Thank you Indonesia! We love you! “Genggam tanganku, cantik!” 

Mark : Jakarta!!! We wanna thank to you guys today for coming tonight. It’s been one year. We’re preparing for next album, hope you guys can wait to it. We’ll coming back very soon. “Tunggu kami datang lagi ya!”

Yugyeom : Everytime we held a tour, we feel really loved by all people. And I feel really thankful. In the future, we will do better. Ahgase always supports us. In the future, we will always be together, right? Thank you. “Malam ini malam yang sangat indah”

Jinyoung : Hello, I’m Jinyoung. “Terima kasih”. Before tonight’s concert, we’ve been everywhere. Physically, we’re a lil’ bit down. I was wondering, can I make it to the next 2.5 hours for the concert. But, when the intro came up, I feel your warm feeling, and my tiredness suddenly disappeared. I feel really thankful, even though we’re not coming here that often. But you guys came here to greet us. We will do another concert, for sure. But I hope we can meet in a bigger venue. “Aku sangat rindu kalian. Terima kasih”

Last but not least, Youngjae : I’m the last one. How was is today, do you feel happy? Let’s scream together! (crowds screaming). I feel what you feel. Precisely, we feel really lucky to get this warm feeling. Energy that we got, will be used for the next concert. Thank you very much! “Selamat tinggal dan sampai bertemu lagi”

Then the concert was wrapped up with Look and Go Higher. GOT7 ended the amazing concert by giving their best fan services to Ahgase.

We would like to thank Mecima Pro as the promoter of the concert for inviting Korean Updates, see you in the next event!

Written by: Hanisa Pratiwi
Photos by: Mecima Pro

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