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Went Crazy Together with SEVENTEEN at ‘Diamond Edge’ in Singapore

The 13 members group is back to Singapore again last week. It has been a year since they were here, and became powerful in dances and vocals. SEVENTEEN just released their mini album and Singapore was the last stop of the world tour, Diamond Edge.

During the concert, it was proved that the group’s popularity is really high as the fans in the Suntec city were getting ready and cheered when they saw the music videos.


The members came out from every part of the stage with their song ‘Carat’ which is the name of their fandom. It is a cheerful song and majority of the fans could sang it along  with their light sticks up.

Vernon and Mingyu came to announced suddenly that they will show thing that they did not do it before after the songs ‘Mansae’ and ‘Boom Boom’ were performed. Both of them showed the fans how the activity – don’t blink work. Vernon and Mingyu looked into the camera and the person who is going to blink will lose. Apparently , the fans drove crazy as soon as they saw their beautiful and attractive eyes. In the end, Mingyu lost the game and the punishment is to act cute  (aegyo), even though he shyly did it and caused fans crazily shout to the stage.

The show went on to split into the units, with the vocal team, hip hop, and performance team. The vocal team includes Woozi, Jeonghan, Joshua DK, and Seungkwan. The hip hop team includes S.Coups, Wonwoo, Mingyu, and Vernon. Lastly, the performance team includes Jun, Hoshi, The8, and Dino.

The vocal team appeared first and left the audiences astonished with their vocals and its definitely such a beautiul scene upon watching the performance.

The Hip Hop team emerges as a hip hop, chic  style as they showed their talents by doing rap and sexy side with the song ‘IF I “ and the remaining members do agree that indeed it is a sexy song.

Finally, the performance team came out with their powerful and cool dance which shows how coordinating their dances are. Everyone went crazy and were all dancing and jumping with the boys.

The concert almost came to an end with video showing how thankful the CARATS are toward the group for coming to Singapore. The boys said about the messages they wished to deliver and promised they would definitely come to Singapore again.


Korean Updates would like to thank IME Productions Singapore & Three Angles for the invitation.

Article & photos by: Jennifer

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