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On Day 6, we were going to have a K-pop experience at SMT Seoul – a restaurant managed by SM Entertainment. The restaurants divided into different floors, with themed private room. We were given a tour around the building starting from the top and going down to different function rooms.

SMT Seoul served a variety of food covering from Western, Japanese, and of course Korean. We had our lunch in SMT Seoul. I choose a Japanese set, which includes Japanese ‘kimbab’, Pickles, Tempura and Udon. The taste? If I have to give a score, it is 2 out of 5.


After SMT Seoul we move to SM Artium or SMTOWN @ COEX to tour around the Hallyu Theme Park, Again we start our journey from the top of the building, starting from the Fanart Exhibition, i was amazed by how talented fans are. Then we move to see many more things offered by the SMTOWN @ COEX, they have Surround Viewing of SM Entertainment artists concert or musical, depends of days or timing, we got to watch EXO’s concert in short version.



We were also experiencing the K-Pop Dance class and K-Pop Vocal class. These were the most exciting class! Starting from the Dance class we learned to dance to EXO’s Dancing King where Yoo Jae Suk danced to it at EXO’s Concert in Bangkok. It was indeed a difficult fast tempo dance.



But we have so much laugh and fun in this class. While for K-Pop Vocal class, we learned to sing to SHINee’s View. The lyrics kept ringing on our mind even after we were done with the class.


Not only the Dance and Vocal class, they bring us to their SUM Market, they sell food and beverages name after SM Entertainment artists, like TVXQ, GIRLS GENERATION, SUPER JUNIOR Pop Corn, EXO, F(X), RED VELVET Sparkling Drink and SHINee’s Gochujang (Chili Paste) or EXO’s Seaweed!


The pricing is very affordable but I recommend you to get the EXO’s Jjajangmyeon and the pop corn! It was so good that I have regrets for buying only 1 each! 😦


We had our dinner at COEX, a buffet style dinner, I didn’t take any photos because we are just too hungry to take photos. And when we were waiting for our bus to fetch us, there were actually EXO CBX Debut performance in COEX area. Too bad we can’t attend the show because of timing.

Tomorrow we are going to have a busy schedule as well, Arirang TV to cover After School Club and interview with UKISS Kevin, 15& Jimin and DAY6 Jae, also moving to CJ E&M building before going to MBC World and had dinner near the area, and going to Hongdae!



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