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[KOREA JOA 2016] Day 1: Arrival!

I was planning to do a one post per day before I went to Seoul, South Korea. However, I don’t have enough energy to do that because this trip is so fun and awesome also draining my energy out of my big fat body as I just came back from my Japan trip 4 days before Korea Joa 2016. So I will update it in a different posts for each day in Korea.

Most of you might already know about this trip as I always do the daily update on KoreanUpdates’ social media like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, also on my personal account. I will give you a quick summary about what I experienced in Korea as this is MY BEST KOREAN TRIP so far!

Day 1: Arrival


I arrived in Seoul on 26th October 2016, after about an hour delay, so sorry to Hee Ju and Hyunjin, and Sharon Seck Voon (from HelloKpop) who waits for me. We rush to the Lotte Hotel Central Myeongdong quickly to grab our breakfast. On the first day we have plenty of time to rest before our big day starting on 27th October 2016. We have a quick orientation simply to explain about the Korea Joa 2016 Project as well as introduction of the members who were part of the project.

There are 10 world opinion leaders, they came from different part of the world; such as USA, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia, Japan, and China. They are representing influential media in the world of K-Pop. It is a proud moment for KoreanUpdates that we were chosen to be one of them.

At night, we have a welcoming dinner with Directors of KOFICE at Lotte Hotel. We discussed a lot about the hallyu, and Korean culture. I meet with one of KOFICE staffs who stayed and study in Bandung, Indonesia. She is now in charge of a project in Indonesia with ITB to establish a fashion school this November 2016. I will cover on that Korean Fashion School in Bandung on separate posting.

This opens my eyes about the way the Korean government starts to export their culture, not only in music but also technology, design, food, beauty and fashion. They really want people to start recognizing the distinctive Korean style through many fields.

Ah! As our hotel is close to Myeongdong, I went there to reminisces my past trips to Korea with Eddie Kim, Hallyukstar Thailand. I got to see the LINE FRIEND Store!


Let’s explore more about Korea!

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