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“Time Renegades” Connects You with Two Men’s Dreams This June

Jive Entertainment proudly brings new movie to your nearest cinemas this June, Time Renegades. Directed by Kwak Jae Yong who directed popular movies My Sassy Girl and WindstruckTime Renegades starring top stars Im Soo Jung (Perfect Proposal, Woochi), Jo Jung Seok (The Face ReaderArchitecture 101), and Lee Jin Wook (Miss GrannyThe TargetBeauty Inside). This thriller/fantasy movie tells story about men from different era who are connected through dreams.

1983: Ji Hwan (Jo Jung Seok) is a music teacher and he is soon to wed his girlfriend Yoon Jung (Im Soo-Jung). Yoon Jung is somehow involved in a case and Ji Hwan attempts to protect her.

time renegades (4)time renegades (3)

2015: Detective Gun Woo (Lee Jin Wook) and Ji Hwan happen to see their daily lives through their dreams. Gun-Woo learns about a case that took place in the past from Ji-Hwan. Gun-Woo also meets So Eun (Im Soo-Jung) and, together, they go after the case that took place in the past.

time renegades (7)

Keep your eyes glued to @jivemovies Twitter account for any update on release date in Indonesia and before that catch the teaser for Indonesia release of the movie below.

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