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One Way Trip: One Day That Changes the Lives of Four Friends

One Way Trip

Jive Entertainment release yet another anticipated South Korean movie, ONE WAY TRIP, this June 2016 in CGV blitz, Cinemaxx Theater, & Platinum Cinema. In Korea, the movie is also known as GLORY DAY.

It would not be an overstatement to say that the shining force of this film was made possible by the four up-and-rising young actors—Ji Soo, Suho (EXO), RYU Jun Yeol, and KIM Hee Chan. Ji Soo successfully debuted in TV series, Angry Mom, as a rebellious teenager whose heart is tender. Suho, the leader of EXO, makes his debut as an actor through One Way Trip. RYU left a remarkable impression in SOCIALPHOBIA, and recently joined the cast of a popular TV series, Reply 1988. KIM has been actively appearing on TV through Producer, 20 Years Again, and Cheese in the Trap.

LIM Sun-rye—CEO of Bori Pictures and the executive producer of ONE WAY TRIP—more widely known as the director of WAIKIKI BROTHERS and THE INFORMANT, expresses her confidence in the film. “The synergy among the actors is an important factor in such film with a dynamic story line. The open call audition and casting process took four months with great deliberation. I can guarantee that these actors represent the new faces in Korean film scene, and will carry on the next generation of younger actors on screen.”

ONE WAY TRIP tells a story of four friends whose fate change over the course of a day. The protagonists encounter an unexpected incident that soon gets out of control, and the film dynamically contrasts the shining moment of friendship and the fateful night that unveils in front of them. ONE WAY TRIP portraits certain flutter and anxieties of young adults who just came of age, and the explosive energy and unconstrained vividness generated from the characters are intense. Such achievement was made possible by not only the vigorous acting of the young actors, but also by the director CHOI Jeong Yeol’s eloquent directing. CHOI has won awards from various film festivals including Rotterdam, and is ready to face the audience with his newest filmography, ONE WAY TRIP, armed with heart-aching story and fierce dramaturgy.

Below is the official trailer of One Way Trip for Indonesia release, so don’t forget to watch the movie once it’s released!

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