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EXO Planet #2 – The EXO’luXion in Jakarta: Aku Cinta!

The long awaited day of EXO’s comeback to Jakarta has finally came. On a bright February 27 at ICE BSD Tangerang lots of fans crowded the venue in hope of meeting the members of current trending boy group from SM Entertainment. The concert started on time and fans’ screams could be heard along with the beginning of EXO’luXion project VCR. We could say that the event was divided into four parts with each part not less amazing than the other.

The first part and concert was opened by 2014 hit “Overdose”that followed by one of their debut songs “History”. The opening songs were performed and ended by “Eldorado” which include the fantastic lightsaber performance. After that, EXO members took a break to have a hi with fans presented while Baekhyun and Sehun specifically showed off their new hair cut. Noticed how the fans are crammed with each other, Chanyeol asked fans to move backward, so the fans in front could take a breath. They continued and before the next VCR played Sehun and Kai noticably completed “Baby Don’t Cry” performance by D.O, Suho, Baekhyun, and Chanyeol with a sexy yet endearing dance performance.

“The Star”, “Exodus”, and “Hurt” were next songs played  before the cute EXO members in Mickey Mouse hats came out singing “Peterpan”. In the middle of the song, Chanyeol paused everyone and played with D.O., Baekhyun, and Kai while in their sculpture mode. Fans surely loved how the members were playing around and serenading through performances of “XOXO”, “Lucky”, and “3.6.5”.

Suho said Indonesian fans surely love their derp faces as he seen a lot of fans bringing along pictures of them in not-to-handsome situations. Chanyeol even got to the point of taking proof of his own favorite banner of Baekhyun’s supposedly ugly face. They cued to “Christmas Day” which followed by “First Snow” and another ballad “Miracles in December”. The three of them down, but fans got to see Chanyeol and Xiumin entered in suits whom followed by the appearance of two by two members to perform “Full Moon” before they sing next song “Machine”. After that, Chanyeol went up to turn into DJ for newest release “Drop That” and “Let Out the Beast” which indescribably had a 200% cool lighting effects. They bid their good byes after they sang “Run”, “Call Me Baby”, and “Growl” which led us to latest hit “Love Me Right”.


The encore officially started with touching VCR of member Lay’s composed song “Promise” showing their heartfelt message to fans who stayed beside them even through their recent upside downs. Members came out again singing “Sing for You” before they really bid their farewell which included promise to come again as response to fans’ project “우리 꼭 다시 만나요” (We will surely meet again). Kai asked fans to wash their self with warm water after the tiring concert and Chanyeol wishes for fans’ health until we meet again. Xiumin and Baekhyun showed off their little knowing of Indonesian language by saying “Aku cinta!!!” and “Kocak kocak”. D.O. and Sehun expressed their love for Indonesian fans and Sehun specifically mentioned watermelon (semangka) as his favorite fruit while he was here. Suho completed the bitter sweet good bye by expressing his hope to meet the fans again who also promised them to meet the other time. EXO’luXion ended with their new bright song “Unfair” as EXO members went around the stage to meet all of their fans.

Personally, should we compare this to The Lost Planet which is their first concert, EXO’luXion was better in terms of contents and how the boys were enjoying their stages. The VCRs were entertaining, heartfelt, cute, and everything fans could ask for between the waits for performances. EXO members could be seen have grown up more through 4 years since their debut and the quality of the concert increased as they have more stage experience. The missing thing from this concert was not only the absence of Lay which unfortunately only confirmed hours before the actual concert, but also how there were gaps seen between performances which made us waiting without actual VCR that can entertain audiences. Overall, EXO’luXion was as entertaining as other EXO’s performances even though the time seemed past faster than we actually thought it could be. Kita pasti bertemu lagi kan, EXO? (We will meet again for sure, right?)

EXO Planet #2 – The EXO’luXion in Jakarta Set List

  1. Opening VCR: EXO’luXion project
  2. Overdose
  3. History
  4. Eldorado
  5. Don’t Go
  6. Playboy
  7. Baby Don’t Cry
  8. Baby Don’t Cry (Kai & Sehun dance performance)
  9. My Answer
  10. VCR My Turn to Cry
  11. The Star
  12. Exodus
  13. Hurt
  14. VCR for Peterpan
  15. Peterpan
  16. XOXO
  17. Lucky
  18. 3.6.5
  19. Christmas Day
  20. First Snow
  21. Miracles in December
  22. Full Moon
  23. Machine
  24. Drop That
  25. Let Out the Beast
  26. Run
  27. Call Me Baby
  28. Growl
  29. Love Me Right
  30. VCR Promise
  31. Sing for You
  32. Unfair
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