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INFINITE Effect in Jakarta: An “A” Live Concert!

INFINITE is back to Jakarta! More than two years after their last world tour concert “One Great Step” in Jakarta, INFINITE is finally back to greet their loyal fans in Indonesia with their 2015 world tour INFINITE Effect. We got the honor to witness both concert so if there is even a slight comparison to their previous world tour we should make an apology in advance. The venue this time is significantly smaller than their first one here, but we gotta love small venues! Because even though it can’t accommodate a lot of people in, but it sure makes every corner happy being able to see even from the furthest spot.

We have to give appreciation to Inspirits today who were really in order from queuing to the end of the concert. Despite the incredibly high temperature today, most of the crowds were able to wait properly in line until they get in. Other special appreciation goes to security and promoter team because today security level might be the strictest we’ve ever witness in Korean music concerts.

The concert starts punctual at exactly 3 PM local time after a big amount of MVs played to keep the crowds’ hype. Most said INFINITE always brings fantastic lighting games in their concerts and we have to admit that it was indeed a beautiful stage lighting indeed that we saw from the opening to the end of the concert. We especially like the -tunnel like- lighting effect that they showed in the beginning of the concert.

A lot of people have been praising INFINITE live singing skills, but we think they have improved so much since One Great Step. The two and a half hour concert was brought live by the seven boys from start to finish with their nonetheless great live band who was playing just at the back of the stage. Below is the song list of today’s concert:

  1. Before the Dawn
  2. Paradise
  3. Be Mine
  4. Destiny
  5. Tic Toc
  6. Walk to Remember
  7. Love Letter
  8. Between Me and You
  9. Everyday (Woohyun solo)
  10. Sorry, I’m Busy (INFINITE H)
  11. Pretty (INFINITE H)
  12. Kontrol (Sunggyu solo)
  13. Heartbeat (INFINITE F)
  14. My Girl (INFINITE F)
  15. For You
  16. Julia
  17. Nothing’s Over
  18. Entrust
  19. Cover Girl
  20. Up to You
  21. Moonlight
  22. Back
  23. The Chaser
  24. Bad
  25. Encore
    1. Come Back Again
    2. Together

If we really have to choose our favorite performances, that it goes to their latest hits, “Back”, “Bad”, and last song “Together”. Two earlier songs were really building up the tense inside the venue while we were heading to the end of the concert while “Together” was just as heartwarming as the “Let’s Stay Together” project that threw by Indonesian Inspirits. Highest respect we send to Hoya who despite his injury and limited performance still making the hardest effort to spoke with fans along the concert 90% in Indonesian language to express his regret of not being able to performed maximally. Even though other members also showed off their Indonesian language skill, the highest score has to be given to Hoya for today’s concert.

Nothing is perfect in this world and the law also applies to this almost perfect concert, which unfortunately couldn’t build bigger stage for INFINITE to perform at. That only flaw, nevertheless, can’t deny the amount of satisfaction that we bring home after watching this concert. Overall, we have to give this concert score A, for its quality including the live performances, the security check, and staging art.

Just like INFINITE members said, we must see each other again in the future, and we hope it is soon!

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  1. OMO. I also enjoy the concert and I wanna join IE in another country because I miss them hiks


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