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[KU EXCLUSIVE] Interview with ToppDogg!

Since last month, we have been in contact with Hunus Entertainment to support the comeback of ToppDogg, we were given the chance to have an interview with them! so without futher ado, here is the interview with the boys!

Q: What is the concept for your album/comeback?

P-goon: We wanted to do a new and fresh concept for this album – something that shows our creativity as artists. We want our fans to recognize the old Topp Dogg, but also get a sense of how we have changed and grown. So, because we wanted something that is colorful and fun, but at the same time cool, we decided to describe the concept as kind of hippie-inspired.

Hansol: Not only look-wise, but that whole sense of reformation, change, and expressing ourselves, which hippes represent, I feel very strongly reflects the members’ mind-sets right now. Honestly, I don’t think we have ever been this passionate and energetic about a comeback before.

Q: How would you describe the genre for this album?

Bjoo: as most of our music, it’s based on hip-hop, but we are always trying to make it special and interesting so we have added some unique qualities to the sound.

Yano: But each song on the album is quite different, in style and genre as well, so it’s a hard question to answer. But our hope is that our fans, who all have different preferences in terms of which styles of songs they like us to do, will find something that matches with their taste.

Q: What is it like/how do you feel being a member of a large group? Are there any advantages or disadvantages of having a large number of members?

Xero: This is a question we get quite frequently – it’s just as much good as there is bad. It’s good because you are never lonely, but it’s bad because it’s always crowded too (laughs).

Atom: Disadvantages are things like showering, sleeping arrangements, travelling, and clothes… There is just so much of everything! (laughs)

Hansol: But because we have so many members with very special qualities and their own ideas and unique minds, when it comes to making performances and music, I think it makes us more versatile as a group.

Q: What are your activities when you do not have promotion schedules or practice?

Hojoon: We all like to play computer games (laughs). Often the members play in a PC-room in teams against each other.

Atom: Or the “Topp Dogg team” plays against other teams online. It’s a lot of fun!

Sangdo: Bjoo and Pgoon work out at the gym a lot. And some of us study in our free time, like Japanese and English, as well as other subjects. I don’t know if it counts as “free time” as we usually do it at the company, but it’s our own choice, so maybe?

Q: It’s been a year since your last album was released, and many fans missed you. Any chance you would be coming back/releasing an album for more than once a year?

Pgoon: Yes definitely, there is a chance it will be much more than once a year (laughs). But right at this moment we are just focusing on this comeback. Hope that many fans will support us!

Bjoo: Yes, please support us! Buy our album! And vote for us on music shows! Just like for all artists, really, it will depend on the support we get from our fans if we can come back quickly or not. So please show our new album a lot of love, and we will keep coming back with new music!

Q: It has been almost 2 years since your debut, in what aspects do you think you have developed, and what aspects do you think still needs improvement?

Sangdo: Well, especially in this last year when we have been able to focus on our own personal development as artists, I think we have grown. We all have much more insight into what we want, and what our own unique qualities and talents are.

Jenissi: Also because we know each other better now than when we debuted, each other’s weaknesses and strengths, we can work better as a team as well.

Yano: But of course we all want to better ourselves, our music, dancing and songwriting. So I would say all of these areas need improvement, and thinking like this gives us energy to try harder.

Q: Do you have any plans to tour, either for concert or showcase, to countries outside Korea, especially Indonesia in the near future?

Nakta: Yes we do have a lot of plans, but it’s just a matter of how and when to make it into reality. We really hope we would have the chance to perform in Indonesia soon!

Do support ToppDogg!

Here is the MV for The Beat:

and Here is the video greeting to readers:

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