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[Press Conference] The Gang Doctor: A Date with Joo Won

Just a few hours before the meet and greet, a press conference is held in The Maestro, Hotel Keraton. Joo Won greeted the media accompanied by Park Hye Su, an actress which also starred in The Gang Doctor, as his younger sister.

On being in a drama with high ratings, Joo Won said that he didn’t know The Gang Doctor would be this popular. He was also thankful that in Indonesia, the drama has come to number 1 in ratings. Park Hye Su was also happy and proud for being a part of this very succesful drama.

When asked about their relationship on and off camera, Joo Won responded by saying that Park Hye Su and him have a good brother and sister relationship. Since Park Hye Su is in the same management with him, he was glad when he found out she got the role and supported her by giving advices about acting.

As a junior, Park Hye Su felt thankful to Joo Won. Since The Gang Doctor was her very first drama, Park Hye Su had worries and were nervous about the filming. Joo Won helped her to work hard and be more comfortable on set with his advices.

Beside the thrilling story line, The Gang Doctor was also known because of the main actress, Kim Tae Hee. When asked about working with her, Joo Won stated that Kim Tae Hee was very beautiful inside out. Since Kim Tae Hee was her senior, Joo Won was also received advices in acting.

In the conference, Joo Won and Park Hye Su shared their memorable scenes of the drama. Joo Won reminisced a scene when he had to carry Kim Tae Hee. He said the actress was very light, but he had to do the scene all day long so it was memorable to him. Park Hye Su mentioned a scene when Joo Won and her had dinner and she couldn’t bear to laugh.

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 3.42.28 PM

Joo Won is known as an actor who sings well, so does Park Hye Su who was a contestant of K-pop Star 4. When asked about possibility of making a solo album, they both responded that they haven’t had a plan for it. However, if given the chance, they are willing to sing for the original soundtrack of their upcoming dramas respectively.

As an actor who played a lot of different roles, Joo Won chose Yongpal as the most memorable character he has ever played. He personally thought the drama was different from any other dramas, and he worked very hard in it. In the future, Joo Won wanted to play a role who is modest, ordinary and makes everyone happy by watching him. Meanwhile, Park Hye Su, who acted as a sick young girl in The Gang Doctor, wanted to play a cheerful teenager.

In The Gang Doctor, there was an Indonesian acted as one of the patient, named Yani Kim. When asked about her, Joo Won said that he knew about her being Indonesian. He was surprised at first, but he was pleased to work with her.

About Indonesia, Joo Won said that the warm weather was the weather he liked the most. The welcome from the fans at the airport and the hotel also amazed him. He said that Indonesian fans were energetic and active. Joo Won and Park Hye Su were also impressed by Indonesian food, said it was tasty.

The press conference then came to an end with Joo Won and Park Hye Su expressing their gratitude to the media. It was a pleasure for us to meet these two talented actors and we hope for the best in their careers!

Curious about how the meet and greet event with Joo Won went? Check out the report here.

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