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The Gang Doctor Meet and Greet, A Date with Joo Won

Who has been following the drama The Gang Doctor, or also known as Yong Pal? Well, last night we got the chance to meet with one of the main stars, which is no other than the actor, Joo Won!

(Check out the full press conference and media interview report here)

The event brought especially by ONE TV Asia, that was held in the Main Atrium at Lotte Shopping Avenue, kicked off with a special performance by Park Hye Soo, the actress staring as Joo Won’s little sister in the drama. Park Hye Soo serenades the OST of The Gang Doctor, titled ‘Please Remember Only Me’. As she was in Kpop Star 4 before, she managed to sing the song beautifully, captivating the audience. She could not hide her smile seeing the large number of audience and enthusiasm of the fans. She was asked on how does it feel working in the drama with Joo Won, and she mentioned that Joo Won as a senior very much helped her in giving advices, and he is very like an older brother to her.

2015-10-09 20.06.03

Finally, it is time to start the date with Joo Won! Fans began cheering when the actor entered the stage, looking very casual with a flannel shirt and jeans, and a bright smile on his face. Fans started to sing ‘happy birthday’, since it was his birthday recently, on September 30. “Apa kabar?” greeted Joo Won, as he thanked the fans for singing happy birthday.

The session began with a chat with Joo Won, asking about his role in Yong Pal. Joo Won answered the questions quite seriously, and with the help of a translator. He was also asked besides being an actor, what else do you want to try, and quite surprisingly, he wants to give being a Radio DJ a shot. Well, we’re sure that he’ll make a fine dj too, right?

Moving on from the interview, it is time for an actual ‘date’ with Joo Won! Previously, three lucky fans were chosen out of the audience, to be able to spend and interact with Joo Won on stage. Lucky them! One of the fans got to take a selfie together, the other got to stare (yes, have an eye to eye moment), and the other winner got to hug Joo Won, receiving various envious reactions from the audience.

Next, Joo Won was joined by Park Hye Soo on stage, and the proceed with the autograph session. There were also lucky winners that were picked previously to be able to get a poster and have the two artists sign it. Another group of winners were also able to take a group photo with the actor.2015-10-09 20.37.34

As the event was coming to an end, both the artist took a photo with all the audience in the background. As a closing, Joo Won thanked the fans for coming to the event, and also wishes us to sleep well. Well, we’ll be able to sleep very well after seeing him, right?

If you are curious to know more about Joo Won and the drama The Gang Doctor, check out our interview report during the press conference!

We will update the pictures on our Facebook page once they are available.

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