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[Press Conference] MTV World Stage Malaysia 2015 with APink

The free-entry show is recorded live for global telecast under the MTV World Stage global series, which bring multi-genre talents with global relevance, to an international audience of more than three-quarters of a billion households in over 160 countries. The global series showcases the most exclusive gigs, world renowned music festivals and unique concert locations from around the world, providing music lovers the ‘front row seat’ to experience the biggest artists on the globe without leaving the comfort of their sofas. The Malaysia show is MTV’s first originally-produced MTV World Stage event globally, which started in 2009.

Over the last six years, MTV World Stage Malaysia has welcomed international award-winning international artists onto its stage including Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Thirty Seconds to Mars, Robin Thicke, Far East Movement, B.o.B., Tokio Hotel, Kasabian, The All-American Rejects and Pixie Lott. The show has also featured popular K-pop acts such as EXO, Boys Republic, Jay Park, Beast, Wonder Girls, while showcasing local Malaysia acts like Yuna, Joe Flizzow, Mizz Nina, Pop Shuvit and Estranged.

This year, we had the opportunity to attend the press conference for the angels of A Pink and here are some of the highlights of the press conference!


1. How do you feel being here in World Stage Malaysia this year?
We feel very honoured to be here on this stage and it’s been a while since we came back, so we are extremely happy.

2. Are there any other artistes you would like to work with?
Eunji likes hip hop, therefore I would love to work with Dynamic Duo.

3. What other talents would you like to show the fans as some of you guys have ventured into acting?

As opposed to special talents, we would like to perfect our performances first.

4. What is it like to perform to an audience who don’t speak the same language as you?
Even though our fans may speak a different language, as long as we can all have fun together, that’s the main point of it all.

5. What is your feeling being here for the first time under MTV World Stage Malaysia?
We are honoured to represent Korea with other international stars on this stage.

6. How will being here at MTV World Stage impact A Pink positively?
It will broaden experience and enhance our performance in the future.

7. Have you tried any Malaysian food?

We really haven’t try much Malaysian food and we had satay. But, we hear that there is a dish with cucumbers, anchovies and rice, we would like to try it.

8. As a team, what do you guys do before stepping on stage?
We usually just put our hands together and encourage one another.

9. Who is the best at giving advices among the members?
During hard times, usually we just rely on each other mainly and if we have to pick someone it’s our leader definitely.

10. Do you guys have any surprise planned out for tonight’s show?
We were planning to be the surprise ourselves!

11. What are your fans, Pink Panda mean to you?
Our fans encourage our stage performance and lift our spirits.

12. Would A Pink consider having a male member in your group?
Our fans are quite picky with who we perform with but we could do collaboration with other groups.

13. What’s A Pink like when you don’t have any schedule?
We would exercise and maybe, we will go catch a movie. But, most of the time, we need our rest and sleep.


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