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2015 1st SH Power Music With BTS : Here Comes,The Bangtan Attack on Indonesian ARMYs!

The long wait for Indonesian ARMYs is over. Finally, the Bangtan boys coming to Jakarta! After the previous cancelled event, SH Entertainment fulfilled their promise to bring BTS to Indonesia. This time for a fanmeet and a mini showcase. With the title ‘2015 1st SH Power Music With BTS and KM’, the boys finally met their fans in Indonesia for the first time.

The show was opened by Indonesian girl group from SH Entertaiment itself, KM. Even then, fans already chanting for BTS to come. After KM performed, the MC came and invited BTS to the stage for a speed fanmeeting. The boys showed off some their skill in Bahasa,and kept repeating “Aku cinta kamu”, “Indonesia Bagus”, and even introducing themselves in Bahasa. Jimin also said he likes otak-otak,and Rap Monster said he likes rendang, making the crowd went wild.

BTS in SH MUSIC POWER 2015 - KoreanUpdates

In the middle of an interview, suddenly the MC announcing if tomorrow (today, 12th Sept) is someone’s birthday And he’s no other than leader Rap Monster! A cute cake shaped of Red converse with a bunny on the top was delivered to the stage, and everyone on the venue sang a ‘Happy Birthday’ song together. After that, they played some games which was to test their telepathy as a group. Finished with the games,the MC sent the boys back to prepare themselves for the main event.

As waiting, they played ‘I NEED YOU’ and ‘DOPE’ MVs,made the screaming for BTS went louder. Suddenly, the stage’s light was off then BOOM! Bangtan boys began attacking with ‘N.O’ ! Without catching a breath, Rap Monster, J-Hope,Jimin,Jin,Suga,V and Jungkook continued to the next song, In the beginning, Bangtan boys looked a little bit tired, (maybe with the super hellish schedules they have). But, with the screaming of love from Indonesian ARMYs, BTS gradually becoming more hyper. They kept running on the stage,and showing off their powerful moves to the fans. Didn’t want to lose, ARMYs also kept singing along during the performance. And a lot of them dancing and jumping from their place.

Sadly, after performing 12 songs, the boys had to closed the show, since they need to catch the plane right after. But, before the show finished, the screen showed something promising for Indonesian ARMYs, which there was written about BTS’s world tour ‘The Red Bullet’ will has a Third Episode. Please, come back again for ‘The Red Bullet: 3rd Episode’ Bangtan boys, we need more attack!

Here are the song lists from 2015 1st SH Power Music With BTS:

  1. N.O
  2. No More Dream
  3. Miss Right
  4. I Like It
  5. If I Ruled The World
  6. War Of Hormone
  7. Danger
  8. I Need U
  9. Boy in Luv
  10. DOPE
  11. Boyz with Fun
  12. Attack on Bangtan


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