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Tiger JK talks about composing together with BEAST’s Junhyung

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Tiger JK talks about composing together with BEAST’s Junhyung

Tiger JK from group MFBTY (Tiger JK, Yoon Mirae and Bizzy) has talked about a collaboration with idol-composer Yong Junhyung from group BEAST.

During an interview with various media today at Sinsa-dong, Seoul, Tiger JK praised Junhyung who worked together with the group for a song called ‘Let it go’.

“There’re lots of prejudices when we worked together with Yong Junhyung. There are lots of questions when we bring idol-rappers to work together. Some responses on SNS said ‘The level is different’, ‘It won’t work’ and more. But we want to break the wall and want to do an interesting composing,” the husband of Yoon Mirae said.

He then continued: “At the end, we asked for help from that friend who created and composed the music. We were in a dilemma for around 20 days. So, we broke the stereotype that we had before. We re-interpreted the song and received suggestion like ‘How if we do this?’, that making this composing process interesting”.

“Before, ‘Let it go’ wasn’t like that, but that friend’s direction is fresh and sense-ful, so this ‘Let it go’ borned differently,” he added, showing his satisfaction at working together with Junhyung.

Meanwhile, MFBTY will release their first full-album, ‘Wonderland’ on March 19.

Apart from working with Junhyung, MFBTY also have various musicians – hip hop artist Dokki, Kim Banjang, electronic duo EE, diva Song Seungyeon, and idol-producer BTS’ Rap Monster – featuring in this album.


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