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This year’s battle: EXO vs Bigbang

Who is going to win when Superman meet Batman?

Children will have a hard time answering this question. K-pop fans will face a similar difficulty when posed with a similar question as the comeback showdown between two massive boy groups, Bigbang and EXO is about to come. Who will win between these two?

Next month will be another historic moment in the Korean music industry, as the top representative of YG Entertainment will meet the representative from another big agency, SM Entertainment. Even though up until now, both sides have not decided their actual comeback date, it is very likely to make their return in the same month.

Last year, the two agencies also presented a an exciting girl group match-up: 2NE1 from YG versus Girls’ Generation from SM. This year’s big match of course will be more competitive than last year’s.

It took just ten months for EXO to return with an album after their previous hit ‘Overdose’ was released in May last year. The ten-member group also recently held a five-day concert when they revealed nine new songs. Not only that, they have also revealed the video for upcoming title track, ‘Call Me Baby’. This group is predicted to make their comeback either at the end of this month or in early April at the latest.

In the opposite corner, Bigbang’s last album, ‘Still ALIVE’ was released three years ago. Even though we can still see G-Dragon, TOP, Daesung, Taeyang and Seungri separately in their individual activities, it has been three years since the group are together to promote their new album.

However, Bigbang’s comeback is not yet confirmed. Even though various news have been released saying that they are currently on the finishing stages of this new album and aiming for comeback this April, it seems that the group will have a later comeback than EXO.

So, even if their respective comeback is three to four weeks apart, the two will overlap in their promotion time. However, we predict as EXO will meet their fans sooner, they will dominate the chart first before Bigbang finally make their comeback.

Even after losing two members – Kris and Luhan – and releasing ‘Overdose’ after the country’s Sewol-ho tragedy, EXO was still successful by selling 715,695 albums according to Hanteo chart. This group has a huge fan base aged around 10~20.

However, Bigbang as they are way older than EXO, have a fan base with a more varied age-groups . Even though people might know Bigbang as a group, each of their members has a strong image as an ‘artist’ as they produce their own music.

SM Entertainment usually focuses more on winning more music broadcasts program when their artists are on promotion. Meanwhile,  YG entertainment focuses more on winning the digital charts. This makes it even more exciting and people will be more curious as to who is going to win between the album-selling-hit maker EXO versus digital-chart-killer Bigbang.

In terms of overseas market, Bigbang win more in Japan. Each of Bigbang’s member has huge following in Japan. They are actively promoting in the country and have even held a solo tour concert there. Meanwhile, EXO have not officially debuted in Japan, but are strong in China mainland and also have EXO-M who focus more on the Chinese market.

So, who do you think will win in this super showdown?

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