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BEAST opens their own independent label ‘BEAST MUSIC’ and releases new song ‘ONE’

Celebrating their 5th anniversary, BEAST held a press conference in Japan, and also announced the opening of their own independent label, ‘BEAST MUSIC’. As an independent label, it will be maintained by the Beast members, and also joining the label are some well known composers, where having member Yong Junhyung as the main producer. With a team of composers and producers, they hope to bring a wider range of music.

Beast will be the first Korean idol group turned businessmen to open their own independent label in Japan. The label has already released their first product, Beast’s new song titled ‘One’, and reportedly will be releasing a total of 10 songs every month throughout the year to celebrate. ‘One’ itself is a funky hip hop song, that is much more sophisticated then previous Beast’s songs, showing their maturity not only as an artist, but also in producing.

Let us wish Beast all the best and success for their label, and look forward to heir upcoming songs!

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