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[Feature] Famous K-Drama Filming Locations In Seoul

Seoul, the capital city of the Republic of Korea, is known not only as a modern city with its convenient facilities, but also for its pretty scenery which combines both traditional and modern architecture.

Such is its beauty, it is no wonder that many dramas have chosen Seoul as their background, using the city’s immaculate surrounding within its stories. Although each drama has its own signature place as its filming location, some of these places in Seoul have made its name as a well-known filming location for Korean drama.

Namsan Tower
As one of the highest points in Seoul, Namsan tower has a lot of appeals, including a beautiful park where couples announce their love by keeping their padlock, as well as a high tower where all of Seoul can be seen.

Featured in: My Love from the Star, Lovers in Paris, Boys over Flowers, Plus Nine Boys and many more.

Han River
Another signature filming location with its beautiful natural view located in Han river, the river which divides Seoul into two parts. With a lot of parks by river, Han river has been one of the nicest gathering place for couples, friends and families.

Featured in: My Love from the Star, Master’s Sun, Two Weeks, Flower Boy Ramen Shop, City Hunter, Missing You, Hogu’s Love and many more.

Hongdae Area
Hongdae area is the fusion area for art and youngsters. Located near the most prestigious art school, Hongik University, Hongdae is the symbol of freestyle, street art, and a creativity escape for young artists. Aside from its artsy soul, Hongdae is home for a lot of cute cafes and coffee shops.

Featured in: Coffee Prince, Love Rain, Gentlemen’s Dignity, Marry Me! Mary and many more.

Myeongdong Area
One of the busiest shopping areas in Seoul is located in Myeondong. Here, small cute shops mingle in between big brands and department stores which makes for a refreshing shopping experience. Another of Myeongdong charms is its street food which is also visualized a lot in K-drama.

Featured in: You’re Beautiful, Emergency Couple, Secret Garden, Princess Hour, and more.

Bukcheon hanok village
Bukcheon hanok village is a traditional landmark of Seoul. Located near Insadong, the traditional shopping area, Bukcheon hanok village is home to hundreds of Korean traditional houses, which still functions as living places until now. Walking through the alleys of hanok houses with modern skyscrapers behind you surely gives a reason for Bukcheon to rise in K-drama.

Featured in: Personal Taste, Monstar, Winter Sonata, High Kick Through the Roof, Heartstrings and many more.

Gwanghwamun Square
Gwanghwamun Square is most famous as one of the filming locations in ‘Iris’. Located on the busy street of Gwanghwamun, it has more than pretty pedestrians, as it boasts various attractions ranging from historical museum, musical hall, to one of the biggest book store in Korea.

Featured in: IRIS, Coffee Prince, My Boss My Hero, City Hunter, and more.

Lotte World
Lotte World is the first indoor amusement park built in South Korea which attracts thousands of tourist every year. Apart from an amusement park, Lotte World is also famous for its hotel and department store.

Featured in: Trot Lover, Stairways to Heaven, Protect The Boss, Full House and more.

Don’t forget to visit these places while you visit Seoul!

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