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Fans Leave Various Comments On Tiffany’s Sexy Pic On Instagram

A snapshot that was posted by Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany has been hotly discussed by fans on social networks. The pic was taken from a photo shooting for Casio watch, and it seems to have garnered some pro and con comments from fans.

Some fans like the sexy style that the girlfriend of 2PM’s Nichkhun rarely shows, but not a small number of fans consider the image is too sexy for her.

“Tiffany has such a feel good impression. Great eye smile, pretty, beautiful body. She’s so nice and pretty. I like how she’s always smiling,” wrote a fan who did not make a big deal of the revealing picture.

On the other hand, fans who dislike the sexy look commented the clothes she wore did not match with the watch commercial. “Why is a watch ad showing so much skin, looks like a lingerie ad,” another fan commented.

Tiffany posted pictures of her photo shooting for Casio’s Spring/Summer 2015 collections yesterday on March 9. In one of the snapshots, the celeb is seen in a low cut tube top, completed with fairly short shorts.

So, what do you reckon?

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1 Comment on Fans Leave Various Comments On Tiffany’s Sexy Pic On Instagram

  1. I hope that this post from Lee encourages us that while we can’t control everything and every outcome, that our choices and lifestyle decisions do play a crucial role in the health of the next generations.


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