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Defconn is set to act in mystery-thriller drama


Forget the funny and silly Defconn you know because he will be serious in KBS’s latest drama ‘The Wind Blows To The Hope’. The hip-hop rapper and occasional entertainer has been selected as a main character for the drama that is directed by Kim Yong Soo.

In the mystery-thriller drama he will play Yang Goo Byeong who seems a bit slow, but he is actually smart and graduated from the police academy with flying colors. His role will make the drama’s storyline become more unpredictable. The 38-year-old singer said he looked forward to acting like his favorite rappers.

“I have always wanted this kind of opportunity every time I see my favorite foreign rappers that I like since I was young acted in dramas or movies,” he said.

One more reason why he accepted the role was because he has always looked up to the director who also directed dramas ‘Blade Man’, ‘White Christmas’, and ‘The Equator Man’.

“I was offered to act as a detective in a serious criminal unit and I decided to accept it because I admire director Kim Yong Soo who is part of the production,” he continued.

The drama is about three criminals who have escaped from the prison that successfully hid their identities for 40 years, and the police that are trying to catch them.

Look forward to this drama that will premiere on March 13.


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