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Netizen Found There Are Many Idol’s Album Found in MBC’s Trash

While the idols are giving as promotion or as kind gesture for the production team, netizen shared that he/she found that some albums were thrown away and found in MBC’s trash.

The author shared, ” I worked near Sangnam, MBC and I found stack of album in their trash. I’m trying to see if there’s my bias’ album but most of them are from unknown/unpopular singer.” After he/she digging one more, he/she found out that some popular singer’s CD also there. Im Chang Jung, Davichi, INFINITE F, and GOT7 were included. The author added, “wow, the competition is unbelievable”

As the author shared this, netizens can’t hide their anger to MBC who’s not respecting the idol’s hard work. The albums which they gave to the production team usually came with signature and handwritten message. But some also said that it’s because they’ve received too many albums so they can’t keep it all and decided to throw it away.

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