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Enjoy BIBAP, world’s most “delicious” performance, in Jakarta

From 13 to 22 February 2015, BIBAP, the world’s most “delicious” musical will be performed at Lotte Shopping Avenue, Ciputra World 1, Kuningan, Jakarta, Indonesia. The shows will be on 3pm on weekends and 6pm on weekdays at their Main Atrium; mall visitors can enjoy this performance for free for it is a collaboration between Korea Tourism Organization Jakarta and Lotte Shopping Avenue in order to promote Korean musicals in Indonesia.



BIBAP is non-verbal performance which expresses the process of representative food making from all over the world by using dynamic sound and movement, with the concept of special “Mix & Harmony” of Korea’s representative food, “Bibimbab”. Because of the use of non-verbal elements such as beatbox, B-boying, acapella etc., BIBAP is a good show for Indonesian audiences for there are no language barriers.


The process of food making that creates situation comedy and the variety of sounds made 100% live will attract the attention of the audiences. In particular, the harmony of beatbox and acapella that resembles a heartbeat and a lively stage by B-boying and martial art artists will amaze the audiences from the beginning until the end of the show.


Musical “BIBAP”, which over the last three years has been watched by approximately 60 million people in 25 countries around the world and in its theater in Incheon and Seoul, its show in Indonesia carried out at the invitation of the President Director of Lotte Shopping Indonesia and the support of Korea Tourism Organization Jakarta. Indonesians, Indonesian travel agencies who deal with Korean tourism product, as well as the Korean Wave fans who have interest in Korean culture are expected to watch this show.


Director of Korea Tourism Organization Jakarta Office (Oh Hyonjae) said that “this show will be a momentum as a marketing opportunity to enter performance on Korean tourism products that are being sold in Indonesia”. In addition, President Director of Lotte Shopping Indonesia said “The most effective among the activities to spread the excellent performances from Korea in Indonesia is to show the performance live in Indonesia. Thus, in the future we will continue to introduce the most excellent performances of Korea through the shopping mall.”

150213 Rehearsal150213 Rehearsal

150213 05150213 04

150213 01150213 03

Further information you may contact Korea Tourism Organization Jakarta Office (Ms. Irma Maulida,, 021 5875 3030) also their Website, Facebook, and Twitter


Let’s enjoy the most delicious musical, for FREE! ^^

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