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JUMP, Meet One Very Unusual Family!

“Go and see the show and take all your family and friends. They will love you forever.”  (The British theatre guide)

“Never let the spectacular acrobatics abscure some fine comic acting.”  (The Times)

Theyre not just dazzling acrobats, theyre blessed with remarkable comic timing, they literally dont put a foot wrong.” (The Times)

jump 01

Ever since first hit the stage in July 2003, JUMP has been incredibly popular in Korea. It also has had remarkable international success. In 2005 and 2006 it took the Edinburgh Fringe Festival by storm, and then went on to tour around the world, ending up on London’s West End and New York’s off-Broadway, proving that this musical comedy has universal appeal.

This innovative show incorporates many of Asia’s martial arts, including Korea’s Taekwondo and Taekkyeon, as it tells the story of a family of martial arts specialists who have to defend their house from robbers.

jump 02

Set in an average Korean home, JUMP is centered around a typical, but dramatically agile, Korean family – from the authoritarian grandfather, drunken uncle and Tae Kwon Do-chopping mother to the awkward girlfriend’s suitor.

Each member is a martial arts expert, possessing championship level Tae Kwon Do, Tae Kyun and gymnastic skills. They enjoy nothing more than challenging each other to martial arts showdowns, displaying their awe-inspiring expertise.

The plot thickens when two burglars break into the family home in the middle of the night – one a sleek, mean villain, the other a plump, bumbling idiot – complete with rather scary hair! When the family discovers the intruders, a mighty battle ensues. What follows is an incredible display of acrobatic and martial arts skills, with a healthy dose of slapstick humour.

jump 04

jump 06

With three years of extensive training in acting and mime and more than 2,000 performances under their belts, the champion gymnasts and martial artists in the show have honed their skills to perfection.

The concept for the show was first conceived in October 1999. The sixth scenario of the show CRAZY FAMILY was written in March 2001. Eight months later, the team started their acrobatics training under the guidance of Oak Soo Chung, the Women’s National Gymnastics team coach. In August 2002, the non-verbal performance of CRAZY FAMILY was previewed and the team was invited to perform at the Kyushu Festival in Japan. That same year, they premiered at the National Theater of Seoul. In April 2003, the show was renamed JUMP and performed to various theatres in Korea. Now the show in running on at the ‘Jump Theatre’ built in Seoul in September 2006.

From 2005 onwards, the show has toured internationally to festivals and venues, starting at the Israel Festival and Edinburgh Festival Fringe, and touring to various countries including England, China, Greece, Spain, Japan, India, Hong Kong, Macao and Laos. A long-term overseas tour is being planned in Japan and America in 2007. JUMP won the ‘Comedy Award’ at Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2006, ‘Grand Prize for Drama & Musical’ by the Korean National Assembly and featured in ‘The Royal Variety Performance’ shown on BBC TV in December 2006.

jump 07

Divided into four parts, JUMP gives us different entertaining features in each part:

* A visitor is coming. Who is today’s special guest?

* Nobody can miss training time. Who is today’s master?

* Just let us love!

* Thieves have come to this eccentric family’s home?


Grandfather – He is a master of all the ancient fighting arts; Tae-Kwon-Do, Tae-kyun, Karate and Hapkido. His movement is as polished as his dentures.

Father – There’s no matching rival with him except the grandfather. It is said that he has the fastest feet in the East, especially if his wife is feeling a bit frisky.

Mother – She says she has never met her match in battle.  She has never met her match in beauty. To be honest, she has never met anyone who matches her opinions.

Uncle – His hands can break boards. His legs can smash bones. His feet can crush stones. And after a night on the bottle, his breath can do the same. His personality amazes everybody; his drunken acrobatic and acting skill astound you.

Daughter – She transforms Martial Arts into a beautiful Dance. She is as beautiful as she is dangerous. Eyes like an angel, the body of goddess. But once she gets mad, no one can stop her.

Son-in-law – An intellectual, and a guy with great knowledge in the arts, but he has two personalities: One of a trembling coward, and the other of a Sexy Hulk.  He constantly flips from one to the other. You’ll be amazed at his acting and fighting skills.

Burglar I and II  –…………well, what can you say? …  Clumsy! Wrong house!  Wrong time! Wrong job!!!!

Old Man – The mysterious stage manager… the show is impossible without him.

jump 05

Finally the show hits Indonesia!

The most awaited show will take place at Balai Kartini, Jakarta, on 21 December 2014 with two shows in one day, 3 and 6pm local time. Ticket price ranges from Silver IDR 300,000, Gold IDR 400,000, VIP IDR 500,000, VVIP IDR 600,000. Grab your chance to see the amazing performance here and see you there!

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