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EXO Luhan Reported Filled A Lawsuit Against SM To Terminate His Contract

Another breaking news from SM Entertainment this year. After previously EXO’s Kris / Wu Yi Fan filled his lawsuit to terminate his contract, f(x)’s Sulli hiatus, SNSD’s Jessica been kicked out from the group, now EXO Luhan also reported filled his lawsuit against SM Ent. to terminate his contract.

Chinese portal, Sina, which previously also reported Kris’ withdrawal, recently released a news that Luhan filled his lawsuit against his company 9AM KST. Due to this, TV Daily also released a file with “Luhan” name on it, reveals that the lawsuit is indeed happen.


This news brings Super Junior’s Leeteuk’s statement to light. He previously asked on a show by Kim Gura, “But there isn’t anything else left. Wasn’t Jessica the end of it all?” While Leeteuk answered, “Do you think that’s the end?”

[UPDATE] However, SM Entertainment’s branch in China just released a statement through Sina that they’ve no idea wbout this lawsuit “We just found out, and are not certain about the details. We never heard  about Luhan to terminate his contract from Korea.”

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2 Comments on EXO Luhan Reported Filled A Lawsuit Against SM To Terminate His Contract

  1. SM’s got some serious problems.It’s true that they’ve got some really talented artists but, they treat them like slaves!!! Most of the groups in SM have someone leaving or some other problem. I’m actually glad Luhan left SM , it’s for his own good. He has to take a long rest.


  2. SM is really something -.-


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