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ZE:A’s Leader Post Another Series Of Tweets Revealing His Struggle In The Group

ZE:A’s Lee Hoo was deleting his previous tweets once again and added some more series of tweets. Revealing the truth of his commission with his fellow member and his broken leg back in “Aftermath” era.

Here’s the translation which I compiled from different sources:

“There’s no much time left till dis day over. Including ZE:A, there’s no more to be sacrificed. Why they must be supressed while doing the music they love. Entertainment world is bad when you don’t have money but a winner when you have the money. Sunbaenim, fellow idols, hoobaes, and for those people who those who want to sing and dance, I want to show you that outside, they’ll look flashy but it’s completely empty inside. It’s not that no one is talking or no one can. With that money, that lips sealed. Reporters, help me.”

I want to clear all of those accusations. Idols like us have to do whatever the agency told. We can’t talk about all the things inside. I don’t want to lose my group, ZE:A that’s why I strengthen my heart again, help me. Siwan once said that we (ZE:A) cowardly shut our mouth. Our contract lasted for 10-12 years, excluding our army, 2 years.”

After that notifications from Fair Trade Commission, the company took 70% and we got 30% of it. Even though we work really hard for years, we got 7:3 that’s it. For example if we earn 1,000,000 KRW, President Shin Joo Hak will take 700,000 and we got 300,000. There’re 9 of us and we must share that 300,000 among us over and over again. I’ve been giving my entire youth to Star Empire, I started it from teens and now I’m on my 20’s. Our dorm is lacking and one week before our “Aftermath” comeback, I’m sent out to KBS Dream Team and my leg broke.”

This politics come to broadcast station as well. The Dream Team PD told me to come out when my leg broke. I had to get metal pins in my leg but in the broadcast I had to say I hurt my self while practicing. That’s why I’m saying things are wrong. After my surgery, these people came with one basket of fruit. But the real intention is to encouraging me to comeback on stage and to shut my mouth back then. Actually when I broke my leg, I was worried about the hospital fee. What is money, the money that force us to shut our mouth and to keep us pretending. We just want a warm words, but you make us like this.”

Money is everything in this world. It’s even worse in entertainment industry. And the manipulated mass-com shuts people and even makes people suicide. Don’t trust it. We’re also our parents’ precious children who don’t want to show them pain and won’t make us suffer.CEO, please reflect on your actions. If you said that we’re your children which you raise, you will never do that to us.”

He ended it with, “I will go not to settle this with Presodent Shin Joo Hak. Please wait for it and do not remove me from the search term in portal sites.


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