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Luhan Sent His Apologize For Not Being Able To Attend TLP in Bangkok

EXO is known for their packed schedule because of their world tour “The Lost Planet”.

Starting from May 23rd and 24th in Seoul, EXO had been travelling across Asia to hold their world tour. According to some source, during May-September, EXO had been holding 17 days of concerts, approx. 1 concert each week.


“I apologise to our fans in Thailand and everywhere else. Due to over exhaustion over a long time, I have been suffering from headaches, sleeping problems and I often feel dizzy. The doctor advised me to take some rest. I am really, really sorry as I won’t be able attend the concert in Thailand. At first, I thought that I could do the schedules and continue it also to show our best performances, but it’s not. I hope I’ll improve soon and able to attend Beijing’s concert. I hope everyone doesn’t worry. :(“

Previously, Luhan also seen in local hospital of his hometown during Chuseok. He also visiting it before he finally took the flight to Jakarta, Indonesia. Luhan had been known for having bad health among fans. He also having fear of height which is reported worsen. This is not the first Luhan revealed that he’s not in good condition, last July, Luhan also suffering from symptoms of headaches, dehydration and heat illness.

Get Well Soon Luhan!

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