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[EXCLUSIVE COVERAGE] B1A4 is in Manila for their 2014 Road Trip Concert World Tour

On the morning of September 5th, the fast-rising KPOP group, B1A4, landed on Philippine soil for the first time. They are in the country to perform on September 6 at the Araneta Coliseum, as part of their world tour entitled the “2014 B1A4 RoadTrip – Ready?”

A few hours after coming from the airport, Jinyoung, Baro, Sandeul, CNU, and Gongchan have met with the local media for their press conference. The gathering was held at the Marco Polo Hotel in Ortigas.  

At the press conference, the members greeted the media and expressed how thankful they were for the tremendous support they got from the fans, Baro said, “So many fans greeted us at the airport when we arrived so we are really looking forward to our concert tomorrow.”

Jinyoung: “I was also very surprised with how our Filipino fans welcomed us. When we arrived at the airport, we can hear them chanting “B1A4!” and by that we realized how avid they are and this made us even more excited to perform (at the concert).”  

First Visit in the Philippines

CNU also expressed his appreciation for their Filipino fans’ continuous support. And because this is the first time that they are visiting the Philippines, CNU said “We are really thankful because even if the Philippines is a long way from Korea, many fans are giving us their support. Even at the airport today, our fans were there to show their support. We are extremely grateful to our Filipino fans.”

In any case, the press asked them a lot of questions and here are some excerpts from the Q&A:

Is there any food you would like to try here in the Philippines?

Sandeul: “Lechon!” (roasted pig)

Are there places you want to visit in this country?

Sandeul: “When I was searching the internet, I saw a waterfall in the Philippines which is the 7th biggest in the world. I would like to go there.”

Gongchan: “I want to visit Boracay to see the beaches and its scenic landscape.”

Why did you choose the Philippines as one of your world concert tour stops?

Jinyoung: “When we’re having fan signing and fan meeting events in Korea, many international fans were there and we have lots of Filipino fans who were requesting for us to come and hold a concert in the Philippines so in one of our meetings, we decided to include Philippines in our tour.”

Do you have a favorite song from the albums you released?

Baro: “My favorite song is “A Cup of Water” from our latest album ‘Solo Day.’ I like it because when you listen to it, you feel very happy.”

Jinyoung: “When In Love” is my favorite. When I write songs about love, it really tells more of love and breaking up, but with this song, it’s a little different, so writing that song is new experience for me.”

Why did you choose ‘Road Trip’ as the title of your concert tour?

Jinyoung: “Just like what the tour’s name suggests, I feel that I’m just going on a road trip with the members and we are able to meet our fans along the way.”

TGM Events together with All Access Productions have made this concert possible in Manila. Meanwhile, the “2014 B1A4 Road Trip” will also take the 5 members to Australia and USA.

Here are some photos from the press conference:

_DSC0012 _DSC0009 _DSC0011

Check out more photos here.

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