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EXO D.O Revealed to Be a Fan of Co-Actor “It’s Okay,It’s Love” Jo In Sung

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EXO D.O revealed he is a huge fan of Jo In Sung on “It’s Okay,It’s Love” Press Conference.

“He’s so cool and incredibly awesome,” D.O bashfully said when he’s asked about his opinion of Jo In Sung. He also revealing he’s so into him that he even wore the same hairstyle before. “I watched Dirty Carnival (Jo In Sung’s movie) before and became his fans. I even changed my hairstyle like him in that movie” D.O said.

Jo In Sung himself looked like he’s charmed by the idol, he often help him answering the questions from the press when D.O looked too nervous and lost. “Kyungsoo (D.O’s real name) has a lot of potential, i hope this drama can shows his talent” Jo In Sung said when asked about D.O.

Not only Jo In Sung, the female lead of “It’s Okay It’s Love” Gong Hyojin said all the actors and staffs were fall into D.O’s cute charm. She said, “It’s so regrettable my scenes with him (D.O) were only a few, i want more. He’s so cute, his eyes are so big and shiny” .

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“It’s Okay,It’s Love” is a love story between a romantic detective novelist and a cold-chic psychiatrist. The drama will start airing simultaneously in Korea and China on July 23 at 10 p.m on SBS and Chinese video platforms Youku and Tudou.

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