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g.o.d’s Yoon Kye Sang Hospitalized for Meningitis


g.o.d’s member Yoon Kyesang is reported to hospitalized after known having meningitis!

On July 8, he was took to the hospital after diagnosed with the beginning stages of meningitis. Before, Yoon Kyesang visited a doctor because he wasn’t feeling well, and it turns out he infected with meningitis.

But no worries, guys, Park JunHyung already said he is in the good condition. “I just got back from seeing the grinning, good-looking face of Kye Sang. We had juice together and joked around, too. We’ve been working hard lately, and with the heat and fatigue, he just needs to rest a bit to let his immune system and body recover, so there’s no need to worry.”, said the g.o.d’s fellow member on his instagram.

Saram Entertainment also assuring fans he still participating in the upcoming g.o.d concerts. His condition is improved fastly, and with a couple days of rest he will be okay.


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