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EXO Chanyeol To Star in New Film “Last First Love”


EXO Chanyeol finally to join the acting-dol line!

Reported to received a phone call to star in Kang Jegyu’s new film, “Last First Love/장수상회” , finally the representative revealed the final cast of the film. Luckily, Chanyeol is on the list!

Following other members D.O and Luhan who already jumped into the acting world, Chanyeol agreed to star in the film to take the role as a boyfriend of Jang Soo’s (the female lead name) daughter.

On July the 1st, the final casts who were revealed are Park Geunhyung, Yoon Yeojeong, Cho Jinwoong, Han Jimin, Hwang Wooseulhye and EXO’s Chanyeol.

The story of “Last First Love” is about a love and romance between an old-aged couple. The PD promising a warm story that can make you feel the love of a family.

“Last First Love” is expected to start filming in August.

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