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EXO Members Shed Tears While Talked About Leaving Member on “Happy Camp” Next Week Preview

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EXO members to finally talked about what they truly feel about Wu Yi Fan’s lawsuit!

On the next week’s preview of Chinese Variety Show, “Happy Camp”, the boys showing a lot of charms of them. Aegyo, doing a difficult yet exciting games, drinking a mysterious liquid, and revealing their dorm for the first time.

But, what makes the viewer wanting to watch is, no other than the talk of the leaving member which make a heart to stir in sadness. When the MC starts opening up about the issue, there are a personal interview showed of every member, pouring their thought. As the interview finished, some members start to tearing.

As if admitiing maybe there’s a personal issue among the members, EXO assuring fans that eventhough sometimes there’s a problem, which is normal for a group with a lot of member, but since they are a team they will find the way out.

“You said we will be together,then why you just let go?” appeared on the screen as the conclusion of the member’s thought. “You just have to endure it, it’ll pass in the end, don’t you say we are a team?” Lay added while in tears.

If you are curious about the full show, it will be aired on July 5!

Check the preview of Happy Camp with English subtitle here:

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