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EXO is Now Officially 11 Members?

Topic of the exact total official members of EXO now might be the most sensitive issue to be brought around the KPOP fans especially EXO’s fans. Since the report of EXO=M’s leader, Kris, lawsuit to SM Entertainment many argued whether EXO will continue as 12 members or end up like Hangeng’s case with Super Junior. Recent Kris’ whereabouts which revealed from BTS photos of new Chinese movie, made more believe that the leader will be out for good.

This fact apparently might be supported by recent changes on EXO’s member Sehun’s Instagram account. On June 26 evening, fans spotted some significant changes on Sehun’s Instagram including his account name and bio. Previously, Sehun’s Instagram named xlkslb_ccdtks which stood for the 12 members’ initial stage names, but today he changed it to simply OOHSEHUN. Aside of that, Sehun also changed his bio from EXO to EXO11 which made more fans argue about the fact of total members of EXO.

Meanwhile, the schedule for meditation between SM Entertainment and Kris had been decided, so we wish the best for both parties.

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