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Taeyeon Left An Apologize Letter On Her Instagram

After the dating news of SNSD’s Taeyeon and EXO’s Baekhyun spreading so fast, fans left with hurtful and disappointed feeling towards their idol. Taeyeon initially posted an apologize letter on her instagram as it is the one which she can communicate with her fans.

SONE, because of me you’re all hurt and surprised, right? I’m sorry for making you feel the way that you don’t need to feel. I apologize for today’s article. I wasn’t being careful and this happened. I’m sorry for hurting you.”

I understand that you’re all disappointed, angry, hateful, dejected, frustrated, and others. I can take it all and I want to appologize because you’ve liked, supported, trusted me that much.”

About the instagram post, it’s not my intention to ridiculed the fans. That’s not my intention to post just like what people said.”

The anger from fans seemed because of once EXO’s Baekhyun stated that “It’s not the time to date yet” and his plan to date in his 30’s.

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