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EXO Suho and D.O Visited Fans Who Got Hurt On Their Concert

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On the second day of EXO FROM EXOPLANET #1 – THE LOST PLANET IN HONG KONG, it was revealed that there’s a stage incident during ‘Into Your World’ song.

There was a system malfunction with the wiring which lifted D.O’s flying stage. As the result, two fans were hurt and sent to the hospital right away. EXO who knew about the news after finishing their concert expressing their sorry and concern. D.O and Suho went to the hospital right after hearing the news. They also chatted with the fans before leaving.

SM sent their sorry and explaining the incident, “At the Hong Kong concert, there was a system malfunction with the wiring. The concert management, DreamMaker, and supervisor, MidiAsia, along with SM Entertainment have revealed their sincere apologies and have promised to take care of the treatment expenses. We will try our best so that this kind of accident doesn’t happen again.”

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EXO FROM EXOPLANET #1 – THE LOST PLANET will continue to going to some countries in Asia, and Jakarta is included on the list.

Check the video of the incident here:


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