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EXO’s First Concert is Showered with A Lot of Support


EXO successfully finished their first solo concert, EXO ‘The Lost Planet’ in Seoul for three days straight, and sold around 42.000 tickets.

Belatedly, SM shared some photos that showing supports for EXO from various celebrities. SHINee Minho and Taemin, f(x) Victoria and Amber, Super Junior Donghae, Ryeowook, Siwon came to the backstage area. Not only from their SM Town families,but also their celebrity friends.

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Chanyeol also got a sweet support from his ‘Roommates’, Hong Soohyun, Seo Kangjun, Park Minwoo and Song Gayeon. They also left a warm message for their hard-working roommate.

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Vixx members, N and Ravi also visited their idol friend, Miss A Fei and Jia came to support their China-line friends, Tao,Luhan and Lay. Ex-Kara member, Nicole also left a support message for EXO.

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