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Heechul ‘Super Junior’ Speaks Up About Kris


After a week of Kris’s lawsuit against SM Entertainment were known to public, finally someone from SM spoke up about the case. The person is no other than Kim Heechul, EXO’s sunbae, who also experianced the same situation before.

On JTBC’s War of Words (Ssul Jeon) which aired on 22 May, shared his thought about Kris sudden dissapearance from EXO’s acitivities. Kang Yongsuk asked if the case of Kris is the same as what happened back then, when Han Geng leaving Super Junior in 2009. Heechul said the case is different, “that time, Han Geng only got two programs to attend, and he faced so many difficulties which hold him to appeared more”.

Then Kim Gura asked if that was why EXO-M has four Chinese members, Heechul agreed maybe that’s the reason. “But Kris leaving when EXO has a concert in a week. Think about the choreography they have to changed, it is hard. I can say he is not thinking about fans” he said.

He also mentioned about Kris’s dissapearance before this case were out. “EXO’s choregraphy has 6 members to do it, think about the chaos they faced. Also, before this case, he dissapeared many times, suddenly not appearing on the stage, not coming to agency, made them had to delay their comeback, even fans know about this.”

Check the video here:

1 Comment on Heechul ‘Super Junior’ Speaks Up About Kris

  1. Hmmm, it’s clear that they are making Kris the bad guy by giving unofficial spokesperson something to say. Of course, it’s all coming from SME not Heechul. Kris needs to get out to be honest.

    By the way, I do have a blog where I post opinionated articles on Asian pop culture and video games. I’ve also recently started a Travel Entries tag for my trip to Seoul and I’d love for you to check it out:


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