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“Roommate” PD Claims There Are No Love-Lines Intended Among Casts

Roommate's PD Park Sang Hyun clarified the program's concept as there are sparks of criticism from viewers regarding the possible love-lines among casts. On May 5th, he stated, "That isn't the goal of this program."

He further claimed that any interactions between the casts are just their way of expressing interests to each other. Park Sang Hyun phrased, “It seems many people are misunderstanding the rule about dating encouragement,” and “It (the rule) was just to add more fun into the program.” He expressed that if the goal of the program is to create love-lines, then the crews would pick celebrities of a closer age range.

The PD also emphasized that Roommate is trying to show the situation between totally different people who came to live together. How the program will develop is totally up to the casts. He ensured that it is also unlikely for the program to go with the ‘Main MC’ or ‘mission’ concept, as they are trying to picture the ‘roommate’ life as real as possible, just like in sitcoms. He also said that starting from the next episode, more footage of the development between the  casts will be shown.

Roommate is a new SBS reality show which showcases the life of 11 celebrities of different expertise (actors, singers, idols) in a house. It has just aired it’s pilot episode two days ago (04/05), with Lee Dong Wook, Shin Sung Woo, Lee Sora, EXO’s Chanyeol, 2NE1’s Bom, Jo Se Ho, Song Ga Yeon, Seo Kang Jun, Park Min Woo, and Afterschool’s Nana as casts.

Source : OSEN


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