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[REVIEW] “Broken”, A Thought-Provoking Movie Upon Existing Laws

You will never know what will people do if their 'world', their 'everything', is taken away forcefully from them by someone else. Not to mention, if 'taken away forcefully' means being violated, murdered. Even if someone has an angel heart, who would guarantee that person wouldn't turn into a killer out of grief because a person precious to him was violated, killed by some irresponsible people?

That is the story Broken has. Lee Sang Hyun (Jung Jae-Young) was an angelic, hard working low-rank factory officer who lived with his only daughter Lee Soo Jin (Lee Soo-Bin). Even though he’s struggling to make a living, he tried to always pay attention to his daughter whom he loves dearly. She is the only one he got. Trying to make her daughter happy, one day he came home faster and even bought pizza for her. To his surprise, his daughter hadn’t come home, even when it’s almost 00.00 am. Worrying about her, he kept on calling her phone. Next day, someone called him when he was working. Thinking it was his daughter, he picked it hurriedly. To his surprise, the phone was from a police. Refused to believe what the officer said over the phone, Sang Hyun came to the police station and found out the horrible truth. Her daughter was murdered after being violated by unknown people at an abandoned bathhouse.

Sang Hyun cannot accept the fact. As he was very saddened, he came everyday to the police station, hoping to find out who did that to his daughter. Jang Eok-Gwan (Lee Sung-Min), a detective responsible of this case told Sang Hyun to just go home and rest, as he thought Sang Hyun won’t help with anything even if he’s there. But Sang Hyun didn’t want to do that. Just at time, an unidentified text message came in, telling Sang Hyun a clue about his daughter’s death. Sang Hyun decided to go without telling the police. As he then killed one of the perpetrators out of rage, Sang Hyun changed status from victim’s family to criminal. Thus, the story of the perpetrators-hunter Sang Hyun and the case-responsible detective Jang Eok-Gwan begun.

Broken (방황하는 칼날) is a thriller movie adaptation of The Hovering Blade, a Japanese novel by Higashino Keigo. It was directed by Lee Jung Ho and aired for the first time in Korea on April 10th, 2014 through the distributor CJ Entertainment.  This 122 minutes-long movie will be available in Blitz Megaplex theaters, Indonesia starting from May 7th. It is brought to Indonesia by Jive Entertainment.

For those who loves or need a deep, thought-provoking movie about laws, society, and humanity, this movie is a must-watch. Mark your calendars and get ready! While we wait, let’s watch this teaser below 🙂

(Warning : This movie is mature-rated, as there are many profanities used and some explicit violent scenes).

Images Source : Jive Entertainment

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