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All Comeback Are Expected to be Held on May or July

Actually on April there will be a lot of comeback and entertainment things that will start off. EXO, Block B, Infinite, 2PM, BEAST, VIXX, G.NA are expected to make a comeback, along with T-ARA’s Jiyeon and Hyomin, and SECRET’s Hyosung who will debut soon. Block B also will start their new reality show . However, the ferry accident which happen on April 16th hit the nations and the entertainment activities must cut off for a while to respect the victims.

All entertainment program, including variety show, reality show, drama, and music show cancelled all their show during a week. This affects the comeback and debut date of the idols. It’s been a week since the Sewol disaster, tv channel start airing their program in schedule as usual. But idol’s comeback seem will be taking in May.

Why May? The company are rushing and packing their comeback schedule as they don’t want to go face to face with 2014 Brazil World Cup on June. All entertainment industry will be absorbed to the world cup and their song will be less support. Or if the mourning still continues, it’s said that their comeback will be delayed till end of June/July.

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