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Jakarta, April 2014 - After a successful first concert in Jakarta last year, Eru , South Korean male soloist, will perform another concert in Indonesia to fulfill his promise to his fans. In the upcoming concert titled 'ERU Concert in Jakarta Hide & Seek‟ on May 17th at Lapangan D Senayan, Eru will bring the “Korean-Indonesian friendship” concept with his amazing musical collaboration. Known by the nickname 'Prince of Ballad', Eru made his debut as a singer in 2005 and has lots of hit song including “Black Glasses”. Not only successfully captured the Korean music market, Eru also wins the heart of Indonesian music lovers as well. During his visit last year, we can see how big Eru‟s popularity in Indonesia as thousands of fans watches his performance.

In 2013, not only he‟s been actively promoting his songs in Indonesia, Eru also made collaborations with Indonesian comedian, Sule. The result is a catchy duet song called ‘Saranghaeyo „. The song showed that Eru has the skill to sing in Indonesian language. Eru showed that he‟s a multi-talented entertainer by acting in an Indonesian movie called „Hello Goodbye’. He also sang the movie‟s OST together with Indonesian actress, Atiqah Hasiholan.

For more than 2 hours in the upcoming concert, Eru will bring South Korean female soloist, Ailee, to perform in the concert. With her debut song “Heaven”, Ailee is a singer with rising popularity in South Korea who has just launched her new digital single “Singing Got Better”

Not only Korean artists, for the upcoming concert Eru will also bring famous Indonesian singers, Ada Band, as guest stars. Ada Band, an Indonesian band consisting of four members released their first album in 1997. They had released 12 albums and have lots of famous hit songs such as “Seharusnya”, “Masih”, “Manusia Bodoh” and “Karena Wanita”. Their most recent album titled “Masa Demi Masa”, which has won 10x Platinum Awards, featuring the newest song “Beib”.

Bringing the friendship between the two countries‟ concept, Eru will present an amazing and entertaining music collaboration that should not be missed. Be prepared to see Eru‟s fantastic performance while singing both Korean and Indonesian songs. The ticket price for Eru‟s concert will start from IDR 100,000 , – to IDR 500,000 .

tiket ERU Final


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