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“LUKIE BEAT” Live Concert in Indonesia with Lunafly and LC9

2014 has been opened with the enjoyable concert by Lunafly and LC9, "LUKIE BEAT"! Held on January 19 at Jungleland Theme Park, Indonesia, they showed an amazing performance as they make the fans dancing and singing together. The gate opened at 5PM but unfortunately, the heavy rain delayed the open gate time. 

The show began by 2 MCs and continued with “MAMA BEAT” MV. Just as then, LC9 appears from the side. The screams is just as loud as their enthusiast for seeing their idols. The second song is “Hold On” which sang beautifully by them, mostly by J-Hyo and King.  E.den said they gonna cover Dynamic Duo’s Guilty and asked King to pick 1 lucky fan. The other fans can just sit but scream! The surprise is not over, they also covered Indonesian song, “Inikah Cinta”. They said they’ve prepared this for long time.  The stage continues with “Party Rock Anthem”,”Hangover”, “Getting Over You”, and “Whistle”. They also throwing some whistles for fans, so they can blow it together. As the fans asking for more, they added “What Makes You Beautiful”.

The concert continued by Lunafly, they sang “What’s Your Name” as the opening. After they introduce themself, Sam, taking time to apologize that he couldn’t make it at fansigning because he’s sick. Then they continued with “As Long As You Love Me”, “Mirror”, and “How Nice It Would Be”. The other surprise from Lunafly, they cover’s Indonesian singer’s song, “Jodoh Pasti Bertemu” by Afgan. This also showcasing their ability to sing a cover in different language. Then they heat up the stage with “Innocent and Young”, it makes the fans dancing together and singing out loud. As the song finished, they played a video message for Yun, who just celebrated his birthday on January 14th. Yun who’s touched, cried a lot as he watch the video. The fans singing “Sempurna” (means Perfect) as it also the backsound of the video. The party continues, they picked the lucky fans to go on a date with Lunafly and LC9 the next day. And their performance ended with “Fly To Love”.

As they start singing “With You”, LC9 also join the stage. They dancing around and having fun with the fans. “One Thing” also being one of the song they sang together. They go through the crowd and greeting to their fans closely. The last song “Never Say Never” is the very last song for the night. They waving to fans as they say goodbye.

In this concert they also showing their interest in Indonesian language and food. It’s been said that E.den loves Sate, meanwhile Yun loves Mie Goreng. They also practicing a basic conversation in Indonesian. Teo keeps teaching Sam and Yun “Masalah buat lo?” (Is that a problem for you?).

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  1. masalah buat loh?! lolsss teooooo


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