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Korean Week 2013 at Lotte Shopping Avenue 14-15 December 2013

Closing the year 2013, Korean Tourism Organization (KTO) Indonesia held a Korean Week 2013 located in Lotte Shopping Avenue, a shopping mall in downtown Jakarta, Indonesia. In this event, KTO promotes Gyeonggi-do area of South Korea, along with the introduction of 17th Asian Games which will be held in Incheon, September-October 2014.


Not only they brought the three mascots of the 17th Asian Games in Incheon, namely Vichuon, Barame, and Chumuro, KTO and the committee of 17th Asian Games in Incheon also presented the mall visitors performances of several cover dance groups from Indonesia, a battle-winning B-Boy group Morning of Owl from Korea, and the graceful Saeng Hwang (traditional musical instrument) player Kim Hyo Young.

The 2-day event was successfully run and each day, the seats provided in front of the stage are filled with audience. Goods and gimmicks were given for free to the passing by visitors and brochures and booklets about Korea travel guide are provided in booths around the stage area.

Performances from the mentioned guests were all so entertaining; the cover dance groups nicely performed like they own the stage (and made us laugh a lot too!) and the B-Boy group, Morning of Owl, presented their most favourite performances which had brought them to winning several international B-Boy competitions, the latest one being 2013 International Royal Battle in Germany. Not to mention the awesome performance by Kim Hyo Young duo, playing several songs including Arirang using Saeng Hwang with it’s so-called mystical and heavenly voice.

Watching the performances and reading all the brochures make me want to go and cheer Indonesia in the 17th Asian Games in Incheon 2014 and travelling around Korea! Shush… It is said that there will be special promo from Garuda Airlines for the Asian Games 😉 Shall we?

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