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It’s ABOUT DAMN TIME pH-1 Visited Melbourne

The night was definitely 'hotter than July in California'.

pH-1 did it again! The last time you heard from us gushing over pH-1 was his show in Jakarta, and now he came to serve in Melbourne. The cold definitely did not keep anyone away for the show which definitely got hotter throughout the night. The opening act, Hans, knew how to hype up the crowd and the reactions from the crowd were also notable as people started jumping around and dancing before greeting pH-1 on stage. 

pH-1 on stage with the concert crew and audience in Melbourne. Picture: @ph1boyyy (IG)

As 170 Russell gets warmer on Saturday night, it was finally time for us to enjoy the music and get into it. MEET N GREET was the first song of the night and that was a great choice as it slowly eases into the flow and gives a sense of introduction to the night. 

Harry (pH-1), though, definitely knew how to get the crowd going. He invited the crowd to chant “about damn time” with “I’m here” as the trigger. Honestly, it is about damn time pH-1 performed in Melbourne. He then transitioned to the next stages which included Malibu and PACKITUP! Along with songs from his latest album, ZOMBIES, TIPSY, and YUPPIE TING

The next segment was when it got fun. As pH-1 did his speech in between segments, he mentioned how he’s been on tour for the last couple of months now and that he’s been missing home, and if you think of the term homebody, you’re right. He proceeded to sing Homebody with a lyrical change that included “I’m staying in Melbourne tonight” instead of the usual “I’m staying home tonight”. The fun didn’t end there because during Groupie, he took a phone from a fan to take selfies on stage and he blew a kiss to the phone which I’m sure the fan will be delighted to see the results. 

We’ve seen this happen in previous stops and it didn’t stop there because Melbourne fans were the receiving end of getting signed T-Shirts (thrown into the crowd), multiple signed albums (given personally from stage), and polaroid pictures (also given personally from the stage). The next couple of songs included participation from the crowd which increased the energy levels overall and made fans enjoy the songs more. 

There was a slight ruckus before the next segment as pH-1 sang for a fan’s birthday and asked whether or not people were single. He also mentioned how people have been saying Melbourne’s energy was crazy which he agreed to. He then proceeded to dedicate 365&7 and Juliette for the single fans attending. 

As a singer with more than 5 years of experience, he mentioned that in multiple interviews, there was a question that was repeated often, ‘what is your favorite song off your discography’ and despite the fact that pH-1 said that he liked everything because a lot of it are from his personal experiences, he mentioned DVD to be one of his most favorite song. And that was the cue for him to start the new segment with said song. 

The entire flow of the concert so far has been really soft spoken and segmented with clear markings as people can tell songs that create similar reactions from the audience were grouped together, and songs that featured other people were also grouped together. Harry did mention previously that he arranged the setlist in such a way that it can flow and the audience will not get tired and stay filled with energy until the last song. 

And with that, it was time for the audience to jump to songs as pH-1 brought more of his high energy songs that garnered more hands in the air as they jam and sing to the hooks of the songs including hit songs such as Telefono, The Purge, VVS, and iffy. Thus marking the end of the concert. Considering the amount of love Harry got throughout the night, an encore stage will definitely be requested by the audience. So after chanting “one last song” pH-1 came back on stage to sing Oscar before finally bidding farewell and thanking the audience once again for coming. 

That entire night was truly insane and the amount of energy from the crowd was something that I personally haven’t really seen in Melbourne (and that’s saying a lot considering the amount of concerts I go to). 

Much thanks to the KOHAI and H1GHR MUSIC for making this happen. Will definitely look forward to the next events. 

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