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Twenty-two handsome members of the 2 global boy groups from Japan, “JO1” and “INI”, under LAPONE Entertainment Label, had already flown to deliver Thai fans complete happiness in “JO1 x INI SPECIAL EVENT IN THAILAND.” The event was held at the Market Bangkok Ratchaprasong on March 16, 2023.

The atmosphere at the event was full of love and happiness. The two groups of fans called “JAM” and “MINI”, consisting of both Thai and foreigners, brought big support to warmly welcome and impress all 22 members of JO1 and INI.

Once JAM and MINI gave such a warm welcome. And this event, JO1 and INI prepared a special show for Thai fans. Eleven cute boys from INI, Kimura Masaya, Ikezaki Rihito, Ozaki Takumi, Goto Takeru, Sano Yudai, Xu Fengfan, Takatsuka Hiromu, Tajima Shogo, Nishi Hiroto, Fujimaki Kyosuke and Matsuda Jin, attractively started bringing up the energetic atmosphere with the opening song “Rocketeer” before greeting Thai fans with sweet phrases in Thai “Rak Took Khon Na” (Love You All) and “I Love You Thailand” in English. It totally melted the hearts of all Thai and Foreign MINI.

After the greeting, the INI boys continued to serve fans with 2 special songs, “Password” and “New Day.” Then, it was time to talk to all 11 members that they revealed the origin of the group’s name INI.  the first “I” is from “me” or “I” which are the 11 members, while “N” is the network that connects them together.  The last “I” represents INI’s lovely fans.

When it came to the question that “If talking about Thailand, what do you think of?” The answers were Tuk Tuk, Khao Man Kai, and Muay Thai, which Takeru stood to show his nice boxing steps at the center of the stage. This called a huge scream from the fans all over the hall. Takeru also stated that he was a big fan of “Buakaw Banchamek” (a famous Thai Boxer.) The popular Thai souvenirs that the INI would like to bring back to Japan were fried seaweed, Thai toothpaste, and instant noodles.

Before leaving the stage and passing the next part to JO1, the senior group, Shogo represented INI to reveal messages inside their hearts to MINI, saying, “Are you glad to see us? We’re very happy. We intend to hold a concert in Thailand once again, please wait.” Shogo ended with sweet Thai words saying “Rak Took Khon Na” (Love You All.)

Then, it was time for JO1. Yonashiro Sho, Ohira Shosei, Kawashiri Ren, Kawanishi Takumi, Kimata Shoya, Kinjō Sukai, Kono Junki, Sato Keigo, Shiroiwa Ruki, Tsurubo Shion, and Mamehara Issei performed the opening with special songs “SuperCali” and “ALL HOURS” so handsome, fierce, and cool. Even though Ren had a leg injury, he had a strong spirit to perform on the first stage in Thailand with all members.

After the end of the second song, all 11 members took a break and greeted JAM in Thai, “Yin Dee Tee Dai Ru Jak, Kin Khao Rue Yang” (Nice to meet you. Have you eaten yet?) and “Pom Rak Khun” (I love you.) Before moving on to the 3rd song “STAY”, JO1 strongly served the fans by showing arm muscles and coming closer to the fans on the side of the stage. At this point, neither JAM nor MINI could not escape from their strong charisma and heavy fan services.

Coming to the talk time, the JO1 boys had turned the press conference into a Thai language class. They talked about Thai food and showed amazing skills in speaking Thai. No matter any given Thai words, for example, “JAM Thai Narak Kern Pui Mui” (Thai JAM are too cute), “Hong Nam Yoo Nai”(Where is the restroom?), “Song Yang Bad Rak JAM Yang Boi”(Bad boys who always Love you), “Dai Mod Tha Sod Chaen” (As long as feeling fresh, all is fine), they could speak all of them clearly in almost at the first round and with super cute inner.

And when it was time to give an interview, JO1 continued showing their abilities. Receiving the question “If you hadn’t debuted as JO1, what would you have thought to do?”, the members came out with many answers such as a pirate king, a sushi maker, a teacher, a policeman, and a baseball player. The most fascinating answer was “If we’re not JO1, we’re still everyone’s.” This made fans unable to escape from their awesome charm. Moreover, JO1 mentioned the first feeling when arrived in Thailand as “Feeling the very hot air but smelling the climate of missing from everyone, we thought that we had to perform this show extremely as hot as the weather in Thailand and would not disappoint any of our fans.”         

It can be considered a full serving of love for this first event in Thailand of JO1 and INI. Both the artists and the fans enjoyed the event like no one wanted to get out of this happiness ever.


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