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Treasure, boy group from YG Entertainment succesfully make Teume (fan of Treasure) song and jumped together this weekend! TREASURE HELLO in Jakarta which was held on 18th – 19th of March 2023 at ICE BSD promoted by Mecimapro.

The concert was started by Jikjin and continued with Boy and I love you. Treasure‘s appearance at the concert this time was all made in the live band version which of course made Teume even more excited when they saw Treasure on stage. After performing I LOVE YOU, Teume was presented by a VCR. The VCR finished and was followed by the performance of Going Crazy in a different outfit from the opening song at the beginning.

Headed to the next song, Come to Me and Blink Like This gave the energy to Teume’s enthusiasm. Other than that,  Teume felt the excitement because Treasure approach the other stage close the Teume. What a nice fan service from Treasure!

Entering the first ment, it was opened by Hyunsuk greeting Teume who was at ICE BSD HALL 5 – 6 by saying that they were very happy to meet Teume Indonesia and lets have some history tonight! Not only Hyunsuk, Jihoon as the leader of Treasure also greeted Teume with Bahasa. Jihoon said “Selamat malam, saya Jihoon. Aku cinta kamu” (T/N: Good night I’m Jihoon, I love you). The ment was continued by Junkyu by saying finally they met Teume, thank you.

After doing the ment, Junkyu showed a sexy dance and closed with a break dance by Asahi. The show was continued by performing SLOW MOTION & ITS OKAY. Treasure also performed HELLO, CLAP and everybody favorite’s, DARARI followed by ORANGE. The atmosphere was even sadder with Treasure‘s rendition of Hold It In.

Another ment moment, Doyoung asked what kind of delicious Indonesian food was? Sate got the most votes heard by Doyoung from Teume Indonesia. After getting input from Teume about Indonesian food, Treasure member showed his talent in expressing the pick up lines to Teume. Pick up lines started with Jihoon by saying “Teume, kamu manis sekali” (T/N Teume, you are so cute). Followed by Doyoung who said “Teume, kamu membuat hatiku meleleh (T/N: Teume, you made my heart melt), and Junkyu “Teume, apa kamu punya peta? Karena aku tersesat tanpamu (T/N: Teume do you have a map? Because i’m lost without you”. Treasure’s pick up line was closed by Junghwan by saying “Teume, maukah kau menikah denganku? (T/N: Teume, will you marry me?). Every pick up lines that came out suddenly made Teume who was in the hall scream hysterically. Who wants marry Junghwan, Teume? Please in queue!

TREASURE HELLO in Jakarta also have a sparkling moment when Teume celebrate birthday of the leader, Jihoon. Fans were sang Happy Birthday song to Jihoon and took a photo along with a cute guitar birthday cake. Fans also celebrate JiHoon’s birthday on day 2 and Jihoon showed his gratitude by doing a break dance in front of Teume.

After celebrating Jihoon’s birthday on both days, Treasure continued the encore by performing the songs Darari & Hello rock ver also Blink Like This.

The 2 days of the TREASURE HELLO in Jakarta concert certainly gave good memories of course for Teume Indonesia and Treasure itself. Hyunsuk accidentally said that Treasure would return to Jakarta soon. Teume, let’s make yourself ready.

A perfect show can not be separated from the good coordination of all lines. Mecimapro as the promoter handled this event pretty well.

Thank you Mecimapro for the invitation. We are looking forward for the other collaboration.

Photo credit to: YG ENTERTAINMENT

Article by: Azzam

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