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Jakarta is Definitely Blackpink Area at BORN PINK in Jakarta!

“BLACKPINK in your area!” can be heard in entire stadium clearly from ground section until tribune. 11th March 2023 remarked the history of BLINK – fans of BLACKPINK- to fell in love deeper with our favorite BLACKPINK through BORNPINK WORLD TOUR IN JAKARTA. Gelora Bung Karno wittnessed how synchronized the energy shared from audience and BLACKPINK member.

Huge stage portrayed mesmerizing with the background of sunset in Jakarta. Waiting the intro from BLACKPINK, BLINK sang along with the songs played in the VCR showed how extremy excited they were for our long awaiting word tour concert, BORN PINK. Tribune lights switched off changed into the beautiful pink ocean view came from cute pink hammer lightstick brought by BLINK. Music started with the white and green lighting stage to start the show.

Intro began with “How You Like That” with the members shown by the uplifting stage. BLACKPINK member’s, Rose, said how happy they were to be back again in Jakarta after 4 years they held concert in here. She added that the ambience was very hot, came from the explosive yet lovely energy from the crowds (BLINK). BLACKPINK thanked the fans from their warm welcome and effort to come and hype the concert.

Show continued with masterpiece songs such as Pretty Savage, Whistle, Dont Know What To Do, Lovesick Girl, Kill This Love, Pink Venom, and many more. For “DDU-DU DDU-DU” the members pleased BLINK to stand up and danced with them made the crowds got more excited. Every songs ended with beautiful lighting and fireworks to capture their performance in a huge stage. Every songs they performed were band version and it was super rewarding for all the audiences.

One of the highlight in this show was the short performance from the dancers (YGX) and the band. Solo performance began with Jisoo, Jennie, Rose, and Lisa made we got to know more about their characteristic.

“BOOMBAYAH! BOOMBAYAH! BOOMBAYAH!” screamed from BLINK when BLACKPINK announced their show was close to the end indicated that we were waiting this song to be perform by our beloved BLACKPINK. “BOOMBAYAH” played and as we heard clearly all pf the crowds sang it wholeheartedly.

During the ending, “Stay” be the perfect collaboration from BLINK and BLACKPINK.

We would like to thanked iMe Indonesia for the great show! Wish we will had another great performance from BLACKPINK ahead.

Photo by: iMe Indonesia

Article by: Salma Luthfia

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